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Our Commitment to an Organic Lifestyle


Why Embrace the Organic Lifestyle? The organic sector is predicted to be worth $320.5 billion. By 2025, with conscious buyers taking more stock of the intricate link between the foods they consume and the skincare they apply, and their health. If in the past, the media often presented contrary information regarding the benefits of the organic […]


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Springing into a New Season for CoCo


It’s been a long winter & spring travels are right around the corner! Whether your customers are hopping a flight to Vail for spring skiing, Key West with college friends or Costa Rica for a yoga retreat, they’ll be looking to pack their weekenders with their versatile favorite, Conscious Coconut Oil. To make sure your […]


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Moving Through Your Winter Coconut Oil

Baby its (still) cold outside and you're probably noticing the negative effects on your skin as it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. There's an endless array of lotions & potions but which products really work? There's one superfood solution for your customers that is straight from the earth, affordable, works wonders, and is one heck [...]

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Winter Ritual: Superfood Face Mask


These cold, winter days call for some self-love! Brighten up your complexion with this face mask that you can whip up with simple ingredients found right at home. Made with our favorite superfood, Conscious Coconut Oil, this nourishing mask is packed with nutrients that are just as good for your skin as they are for […]


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Conscious Coconut Chai


Rise and Shine Coconut Family! It’s cold & foggy here in Florida so we decided to whip up our superfood boosted Conscious Coconut Chai to get the week started! Ingredients: + Organic Black Tea + Organic Conscious Coconut Oil + Cinnamon + Cardamon + Ginger Knob + Almond Milk + Honey   To Make: Brew […]


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The Gifts that Keep on Giving – CoCo Gift Guide 2017


We’re over the moon to share with you our first ever gift guide! Each product or company is committed to giving back –  through donating to a cause, transparent manufacturing practices, sustainable materials or offering fun & mindful tools to live your healthiest, happiest life. We believe the present itself is only half the story […]


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Molly Sims Says CoCo Is a Beauty Must Have for Moms


You might know her as the author of Everyday Chic and all around beautiful human, Molly Sims, spoke with fellow mom blogger Sharzad Kiadeh as they shared their favorite beauty must-haves for moms on the go. See below for what Molly Sims has to say about CoCo and why its great for her whole family! […]


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Coconut Oil Use: Cracked & Dry Skin

Sniffly, flaky, scaley, ashy?! No one wants to be any of these things. Conscious Coconut Oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which helps retain the moisture content of your skin while helping it look & feel silky smooth. ​It also exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin cells, making your skin softer. It has [...]

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SOHO Expo 2016

We had a great time this past weekend at our first Soho Expo experience in Orlando, FL at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort & Hotel. With over 300 organic, healthy, sustainable brands in one area, it really was a special treat for our mind, body, soul and most importantly our tummies. Who wouldn't love a [...]

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A note on our packaging


 With the temperatures dropping, our Conscious Coconut Oil is still needed in your daily routine. It's the perfect hair-defrizzer; moisturizer for these chilly, winter months; cold sore treatment; light sunscreen (yes, you can still get burned even when your chilly) and so much more. Coconut oil is one sassy soul. One minute it’s hard [...]