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What I love to eat!

I’ve been exceptionally mindful of what I put in this belly since starting Conscious Coconut. I’m traveling and on the road all day and sometimes, I just forget to eat. I’m busy and as 2-3pm comes around – I crash, have a headache and get grumpy; as would be expected. It became quickly apparent that if I didn’t fix this asap I wouldn’t have the energy to grow this business the way I have always dreamt of.

I’ve been a vegetarian and pescatarian on and off but like I mentioned in the healing after injuries post, I needed to up my protein so I eat meat occasionally. If anyone is feeling a little tired and needs a pep in their step I encourage you to try a few of the things below. I feel like wonder woman and have so much more energy. I drink one coconut water a day which keeps me super hydrated and I also love matcha tea which blasts me with energy.


Hot water and lemon
Cup of water
Organic coffee with almond milk or cold brew

And either:

Avocado Toast on ezekiel bread, sea salt, lemon, and chile powder
Organic juice like Suja or Pressed Juicery
Greek yogurt with coconut, fresh fruit, granola, agave
Or a smoothie with everything in the world:
– Kale, Spinach, Avocado
– My favorite fruits are mango, blueberries and frozen bananas
– Carrots, Beets
– 2 tbl of coconut oil : )
– Cacao or grape seed powder
– Almond butter
– Aloha packet (the best!)
– Chia seeds

These all take about 2 minutes to make and they give me hours of energy. I usually won’t eat again until 1-2 pm.

For either lunch or dinner I eat a pita or millet flax wrap filled with:

Hard boiled egg
Smoked salmon
Grainy mustard

This concoction is the most perfect thing I’ve ever found. It’s flowing with protein and vegetables and I swear I feel better, think clearer and my skin is absolutely glowing.

This may seem like a pretty light menu for a day but the missing link are my almonds. I keep a big bag (currently wasabi soy) in my purse with a liter of water and eat a few handfuls a day. I don’t get hungry whatsoever I feel so much more energetic than I have in YEARS.

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