5 Creative Ways to Make Mondays a Little Bit Better

No matter what, you can’t escape Mondays. They will always be there, week by week and year by year. It’s up to you to either dread them or make them the best day of the week! We’ve made the conscious decision to embrace them because they are inevitable. Think of Mondays as a fresh start to achieve your weekly goals! Let’s dive right into 5 creative ways to make your Monday a little bit better.


1.) Look Forward to Something

You’ll be able to get through the day more easily if you have something to look forward to after you get off of work. Whether that’s planning a happy hour with your friends, watching your favorite reality show, or hitting the gym - who knows, Mondays may even turn out to be your favorite day of the week!


2.) Establish a Good Self-Care Routine

Make sure to go to sleep early on Sunday night. This will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed when your alarm goes off on Monday morning. Leave time for yourself in the mornings and evenings. That could mean establishing a good skincare routine! Add in our coconut oil to leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed to tackle the day.


3.) Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

We get it, you’re in the zone on Monday at work answering emails after a long weekend, but don’t forget to take breaks. Did you know that taking breaks leads to increased productivity and creativity? Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. Take a few moments to focus on your breath to recenter your focus and energy.


4.) Get Some Exercise

Exercise is considered vital to maintain mental fitness. Getting your body moving means you are producing endorphins - the chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. Along with that, it also improves your ability to sleep. Try to set up a Monday workout ritual that helps to get your week started on the right foot.


5.) Change Your Mindset & Don’t Live for The Weekend

We aren’t saying it’s easy but changing your mindset about Mondays can change your life. Everyone knows that Mondays get a bad rep, but once you recognize your mindset, it’s powerful as heck. Mondays are the start of a fresh week and you can make the most of them!