5 Meaningful Ways To Show Dad Your Love This Father's Day

Dads are the best. Every day, we love celebrating the fathers who teach us, inspire us, and yes, embarrass us from time-to-time, but it’s on Father’s Day that we get to dedicate all our energy and love to the special guys in our lives.

While the tried-and-true brunch or barbeque has always been a staple of our past Father’s Day celebrations, we’re stepping things up this year and getting creative with how we’re showing dad our love. So if you’re at a loss for how to spend the day or are just looking for fun ideas for celebrating dad, keep scrolling—we’ve got the inspo you need for making every dad feel special.

The Foodie Dad: Plan A Picnic With All His Favorites

There’s Father’s Day picnics—and then there’s the ultimate Father’s Day picnic packed with course after course of his favorite summer foods. Drop a few hints and poll your dad to get an idea of his dream menu, and then spend some time hunting down the ingredients and whipping up a dad-centric meal. You can keep it simple and take your picnic out to the patio or pack a blanket, some outdoor-friendly dinnerware, and take a hike for a scenic backdrop to a memorable meal.

The Dad Who Never Lets You Win At Scrabble: Engage In A Little Healthy Competition

Raise your hand if you have the kind of dad who cheered during all of your high school sports games, has an ongoing dialogue with every announcer on TV, and thinks there’s no such thing as too many rounds of Monopoly. If your dad is always eager for some competition, indulge him with a board game marathon, tennis match, or a round of golf.  

Sure, the results might hurt your (or his!) ego a bit, but remember the goal here: healthy competition is fun competition. You can focus on the time you’re spending together strategizing and plotting your victory, and let the details go. 

The Active Dad: Get Out On The Water

Because Father’s Day coincides with the first day of summer this year, we’re taking the time to get out on the water in any way we know how. Head to the beach, pack a picnic for the pool, or plan a day trip to a nearby lake. No matter the body of water, there are endless ways you can spend your time. Swim together, try your hand at water polo, or even go for a classic with a fishing adventure. Enjoy the warmer weather, blue skies, and wonderful company. Summer plus a pool, lake, or the ocean? There’s really no way you can go wrong with that choice.

The Dad Who’s A Lifetime Learner: Try Something New

There’s nothing like taking on a project, educating yourself about a new topic, or diving into an untapped skill. Even better? Doing it alongside someone you love. Book a class for you and your dad or get the whole family involved. Not only are you spending meaningful, memory-making time together, but at the end of the class, you’ll step away with a positive sense of fulfillment that comes with opening yourself up to something new.

Want to brush up on your knife skills or learn to make a soufflé that’s the definition of *chef’s kiss*? Clear off ample space in the kitchen, put on your aprons, and boot up an online cooking class. With things opening up in cities across the country, you can even find in-person classes available. You can find both options from brands like Sur la Table, who offers both virtual and in-store sessions with tons of classes to choose from.

Before you book a class, check in with dad to see what he wants to learn. Just this conversation alone might open you up to discovering something new about the guy you thought you knew everything about. Tailoring the class choice to what your dad is interested in will ensure that he stays engaged and may even result in a new hobby or healthy obsession.

The Sentimental Dad: Reflect Together

We’ll bet every dad falls into this category, and there’s never a better time to let your dad feel seen, heard, and thanked for all he’s done for you. Show your pops how much you love him by doing any of the activities above, and pair this quality time with a trip down memory lane. Is there a favorite family vacation that you’re eager to relive? Pull out the photo album and pour over the pictures together. Did your dad teach you a lesson as a kid that you’ve carried with you to this day? Let him know how much his wisdom has impacted your life and shifted your worldview. 

Whatever you want to share with your dad, send the gesture home with a card that he can look back at year after year. And be sure to include a little love note—because hugs, gratitude, and all the love for your pops? Well, that’s what this holiday is really all about.

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