Celebrate the Heart of Fair Trade

October is a month that shows how much we care — about other people, about living beings, about our food and about the planet. It's the heart of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Month is a time to spread the word about who and where our products come from. This means putting the spotlight on challenges like child labor, wage inequality, and toxic work environments, and also celebrating the farms, factories, brands and retailers that are doing things differently. Conscious Coconut is proud to be Fair Trade Certified, and below are ways in which we support responsible and sustainable practices:

+  We pay our farmers & factory workers fair wages.
+  We support the Fair Trade Community Development Premium, earning farmers an additional Premium of up to $90 per Metric Ton of coconuts sold on top of sales prices to invest back into community projects.
+  We ensure sure basic necessities are met – including clean water, amenities, and access to education.
+  We stand strong against forced labor, child labor and human rights abuse.
+  We are committed to proper waste disposal & water conservation.

As we dive into October, here are seven ways to honor and celebrate Fair Trade Month:

1.) Buy Fair Trade goods online and in stores.
2.) Ask for Fair Trade products from your local retailers.
3.) Spread awareness on social media by tagging @FairTradeCertified.
4.) Share knowledge about Fair Trade products, brands, and retailers with others. 
5.) Donate to Fair Trade USA.
6.) Start or join a Fair Trade campaign.
7.) Give the gift of Fair Trade goods to your friends and family.