Coconut Oil for Back To School Wellness & Immune Boost

With back to school season right around the corner, it's important to keep health at the top of your shopping list with the essential that gives back: Conscious Coconut Oil! With every Conscious Coconut purchase, you're feeding two children in need through Feeding America during these tough times.

Wondering how Coconut Oil fits into your back to school routine? From busy moms & teachers - to children and college students - coconut oil is the all natural multitasker for every daily routine! Check out some of our favorite ways to help you feel your best!

Immune Support

Coconut Oil boosts weakened immune systems by improving white blood cell counts and creating a hostile environment for viruses, which helps the body fight them head on! Its antibacterial & antimicrobial properties act as a hydrating germ guard - try dabbing a bit under your nose and on hands after sanitizer to hydrate and protect yourself - 100% naturally!

Brain Power

Brain food is real! Coconut oil contains the healthy fats that our brains need to function properly. Lack of proper brain nutrition can lead to brain fog, stress and disease. Consume CoCo daily to give your brain the love it needs! Use it as a swap for butter, fry vegetables in it, and bake sweets with it - the cooking uses are endless!

Energy Boost

Calling all busy mom's, teachers and up-all-night college students - meet your all natural energy drink! Start your morning with a boost by adding a tablespoon of Conscious Coconut to your coffee. CoCo's medium chain fatty acids are known to quickly give your body energy and will kickstart your day. This is especially amazing for those following a keto diet for extra fats to boost your metabolism and results!

Simple Cleanser 

Have you heard that like attracts like? It couldn’t be more true in the case with skin sebum and coconut oil. CoCo penetrates deep into the skin and pushes out grime, dirt, pollution and other impurities, making it a rockin’ cleanser. Our Organic & Biodegradable Coconut Oil Wipes are like a gentle cleanser and hydrating lotion in one simple wipe!

Natural Antibacterial

Did you know Coconut Oil naturally has antibacterial & antimicrobial properties thanks to its healthy fats & vitamins? Dab it on cuts, burns and scrapes to naturally soothe and repair skin damage. From little ones taking a tumble at recess to teacher paper cuts - there's nothing a little CoCo can't heal!

Skin Refresher

You know that dry skin feeling from dry air in classrooms and cooler temperatures? We have the simple solution for on-the-go hydration! Using coconut oil on your skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin and soft, glowing skin! Lucky for you, Conscious Coconut Oil is a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types. Throw your Travel Tube or a few Organic Coconut Oil Wipes in your bag for an easy way to refresh skin throughout the day! It also acts as a natural cheek highlighter for those back to back classes!