Diversity in the Workplace at Conscious Coconut

Inclusivity. Creating a space where everyone feels valued is very important to us.  We are passionate about creating a culture where people are respected and appreciated. From our fair trade farms in the Philippines, packaging facilities, shipping center, to marketing and sales, each step has a diverse team of smiling faces behind it. We are a family of all genders, backgrounds, and races. 

If you’re an organization, you might be thinking, “How can I include diversity in my workplace?” Here are a few starting points:

  • Form an Inclusion Council: There needs to be a space for communication. Typically, councils meet quarterly to review any feedback and challenges.
  • Celebrate Every Employee’s Differences: Everyone in the workplace wants to feel respected and appreciated. There are ways to come together to celebrate everyone’s differences, like coming together to have a meal together and communicate about our needs, interests, and thoughts, or understanding and empowering the very differences that make us each individually unique. 
  • Listen: It’s important to be heard. As a manager, include surveys or focus groups every once in a while so that your team members can have a voice.
  • Communicate Goals: Some people work better when they are working toward something. Clearly establish and communicate goals you have for the company. Along with that, you can give your team a prize once the goal is met. 

Overall, it’s been shown that diversity can increase the effectiveness of organizations. The main key is to recognize different perspectives and knowledge. It’s no secret that every single working person is different and there is nothing less we should do than celebrate that. 

Including diversity in your workplace gives you the opportunity to see different perspectives and workflows. Not only does this make good sense for business, but it also gives your employees the opportunity to create an enriching environment and learn about other cultures.  

For further reading we recommend taking a look at these books: