DIY Spa Night at Home with Coconut Oil

Taking care of your body at the end of a long day is super important. It’s easy to get carried away with work and the daily hustle and forget about taking care of yourself,  so we are going to lay out tips and tricks that will give you the best treat ‘yo self spa night at home.

You may not be at the fanciest day spa in town, but you sure can fake it in the comfort of your own bathroom. Don’t hesitate to grab some friends and wine because this makes for a great Friday night relaxation routine too!

1.) Set the Tone

When you go to a day spa, you will find calming music, dim lighting, and the scent of essential oils. Do the same at home! This sets the tone and ambiance for the night. When you are creating the space, this will help you dive deeper into relaxation.

2.) Grab the Goodies

What are your spa night essentials? Nail polish? Essential oils? For us, it’s coconut oil. Coconut oil is an essential universal product that you need in your home. Use it as a make-up remover, moisturizer, lip balm, for nail repair, and more.

3.) Relax in the Bathtub

There are so many benefits to taking a bath! When you are washing your day away, you are also relaxing your muscles and joints. Taking a bath can help improve your heart health, balance your hormones, and help you breathe easier!

4.) Exfoliate & Moisturize

You can’t skip this step! Exfoliation and moisturizing will ensure your skin is glowing and hydrated after your spa night. Grab your dry brush and exfoliate your skin from head to toe. 

5.) Read a Book

What’s your go-to read? Grab a book to help you unwind in your bath! Reading a book can help calm and develop the mind.  No matter how much stress you have in your life, it all seems to slip away when you are immersed in a great story.

6.) Rest

The most important tip of all is to rest. Quality sleep is important for the next day ahead. Don’t cut through sleep because your body, mind, and soul need it. Sweet dreams!