Fight the Flu the All-Natural Way with Coconut Oil

We’re in the midst of an international emergency and while there is not yet a vaccine for COVID-19, there are ways we can fight the virus and other illnesses. According to Nutra Ingredients-Asia, the Philippines is looking to study virgin coconut oil as a potential treatment for the coronavirus (COVID-19) which has since infected more than 80,000 people and killed more than 2,800 worldwide.

With coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties and medium chain saturated fatty acids, it is a great way to fight infections like the flu this season too. Here are a few ways coconut oil could be your lifesaver during this time.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling has been a trend for quite some time now but it actually dates back to ancient Ayurvedic practices. Oil pulling is a natural remedy that starts with swishing coconut oil in your month. Coconut oil can kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and reduces the number of bacteria found in saliva.

Immunity Boost

According to the Atlantis Press, the large concentration of medium chain fatty acids, including lauric acid and its monoglyceride form, monolaurin, makes coconut oil effective in its mode of actions against pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, coconut oil could be used as a daily supplement or an alternative remedy against microbial infections.

Try using coconut oil in your daily coffee or smoothies. Since coconut oil has little to no taste, it’s easy to mix into your daily routine. It makes an awesome substitute for butter as well!


Coconut oil is said to help ease the pain and keep infections at bay. It has amazing moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help prevent scarring as well. Try this next time when you see that you have a cut or wound.