Guest Blog: Therapeutic Skincare Coach Hayley Roy on Conscious Coconut Oil and Sun Use

Summer is a time for fun, sun and lots of fruity cocktails by a body of water. Proper sun protection can often slip by the wayside when we are enjoying our precious time off of our busy lives. I am victim to the poorly placed sunscreen burns and guilty of neglecting to reapply SPF. So if I know better but the task still isn’t accomplished it’s important to have the tools to stopping a sunburn right in its tracks.

First, there are the prevention methods such as ingesting lots of antioxidants with coconut oil to help create a strong internal barrier. When we protect our skin from within with the power of antioxidants and omegas it can prevent our skin to fall prey to the damage UV rays can cause short and long term. A tan is essentially a defense mechanism our skin has against the skin. Depending on your genetics you may have more active melanocytes which helps your skin from oxidative stress that can lead to a burn or damage (sun spots!). Internal prevention is ideal as well as external protection. A little coco mixed with carrot seed essential oil can nourish and protect the skin from day to day sun exposure and a zinc cream is an actual anti-inflammatory physical block from UV rays for the real sunny days.

So let’s say you do everything right and still miss a spot or overstress your immunity by drinking in some cocktails, coconut oil can still help prevent damage. Once you’ve exposed yourself to the sun it’s important to wash the day off of you and slather your skin with this miracle oil from Conscious Coconut to help immediately soothe and repair damaged cells. Depending on your complexion this can take you from tomato to pale pink in the matter of a day. The lauric acid in the coconut helps calm, soothe and turn over skin cells. The difference between this type of acid and a topical acid such as glycolic or lactic is that it is paired with rich omegas to repair while conditioning the skin. So once you’ve showered off the sun and covered yourself in delicious conscious coconut, drink tons of water and get some sleep. Sleep can repair a multitude of skin ailments, especially a sunburn!

Rest up, drink a coconut water and put your Conscious Coconut to good use! Your future self will thank you.

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