Hair Care Routine to Fight Frizz & Prevent Breakage for Healthier Hair

With cold weather, styling with heat, and environmental toxins - your hair can withstand a lot of damage! That's why we put together a few simple steps to create a natural routine for healthier, luscious locks with just a few simple products & tips! 

How To: Haircare Routine

  1. Brush Hair Thoroughly: Although it may seem obvious, brushing your hair is a crucial step in haircare that has real benefits! Brushing stimulates the capillaries of the scalp, increasing blood circulation and transport of oxygen & nutrients to hair follicles. This encourages hair growth and production of natural oils that help maintain your hair. Grab our Bamboo Vegan Hair Brush, found in our Hair Mask Kit, to naturally brush your hair more sustainably!
  2. Do a Coconut Oil Hair Mask: Coconut oil is the natural way to deeply condition and repair hair in one step! It promotes growth, hydrates hair, boosts shine, tames frizz, and the list goes on! Just grab a Coconut Oil Packet for the perfect portion, massage in hands to liquify, and rub throughout your hair - focusing on dry parts like your ends. Leave in for at least two hours (overnight is even better!) then wash out with shampoo in the shower.
  1. Shower with Lukewarm Water: Did you know hot water, just like styling products, can damage your hair? The heat can strip natural oils and leave hair cuticles open, allowing all moisture to escape resulting in dry hair susceptible to breakage. When you wash out your coconut oil hair mask - be sure to use lukewarm water to seal in moisture and benefits!
  2. Use a Wrap Hair Towel: When your hair is wet, it's more prone to breakage and damage! After you shower, grab a wrap hair towel, like the Sustainable Quick Dry Hair Towel, to gently wrap hair and allow it to safely dry. Our towel is made of recycled water bottles - creating a unique material that has less friction to prevent frizz and damage while super absorbing moisture. 


Ready to upgrade your haircare? We created our new Coconut Oil Hair Mask Kit to include everything you need to start adding a Hair Mask treatment to your daily haircare routine. Not only will it boost your hair health - it's the perfect way to unwind and treat yourself after a busy week! Hello at home spa!