How to Exfoliate Your Skin in the Winter with This One Trick!

If you aren’t familiar with dry brushing, it is exactly how it sounds. Dry brushing is the practice of sweeping a body brush, while it’s dry, across the skin from head to toe before a shower. There are several benefits that both your internal and external body will experience from dry brushing. It exfoliates the skin making it feel softer and more radiant, while also increasing circulation, boosting lymphatic drainage, and improves muscle tone.


Our vegan dry brush is made from all-natural bamboo and sisal. It gently exfoliates dead skin to leave your skin looking radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing. Who doesn’t love a little glow?!


How Does Dry Brushing Work?

Dry brushing is the combination of exfoliation and massage that involves taking a brush and sweeping it over your body in slow circular motions. You can do this 3-4 times a week for best results. A boost in circulation can make the skin softer and give the appearance of more plumped skin. It’s a wonderful practice of self-love and helps to give your body a boost of energy if done in the morning. 


What Can I Use it for?

As mentioned above, dry brushing is a major key for exfoliating your skin in the winter. Dry brushing can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing is a budget-friendly option to treat those stubborn spots we can’t seem to get rid of. It increases blood flow which stimulates collagen production. This will help to thicken the skin and lessen the appearance of fat cells. It’s our favorite little secret!


How Often Should I Dry Brush?

While dry brushing is great for exfoliating the skin, it’s important to not brush too frequently or vigorously. After all, it is a brush with semi-rough bristles that can cause irritation on the skin. It’s best to listen to your body and only dry brush a couple times a week.


Overall, dry brushing can be the “juice cleanse” your skin and body has needed. Don’t take it from us - try for yourself! Make sure to check out our Dry Brush Kit, Dry Brush Bundle, and the Essential Dry Brush.