Oil Pulling Is The Ayurvedic Practice Your Morning Routine Needs

Oil Pulling Is The Ayurvedic Practice Your Morning Routine Needs

While we may have once thought that a productive day starts with taking a dive into your inbox first thing, we’re here to set the record straight. Starting your morning responding to emails may seem like a smart way to get ahead, but it often leads to burnout only a few hours later. What really sets us up for a successful day? Tending to ourselves first with restorative and supportive practices that help us pour into our bodies and minds.

One of our favorite morning rituals is oil pulling. Before taking on the day, a simple 20-minute swish with Conscious Coconut works as an oral detox, leaving your breath fresh and your smile shining. But the benefits of this practice don’t just stop there. Read on for more ways oil pulling can help you swish away bad bacteria and help you kickstart your day.

The Skinny On Oil Pulling

Let’s start with the basics: Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition used to prevent tooth decay and strengthen the teeth and gums. The practice has become mainstream in recent years, and for good reason: Oil pulling is an amazing way to boost good dental hygiene. Because of its antibacterial qualities, coconut oil decreases your risk of developing cavities, treats cold sores, and if you’re looking to get that Instagram-perfect smile, oil pulling has been touted for its whitening properties without harming enamel. What’s more, because Conscious Coconut Oil is anti-inflammatory, swishing in the morning can reduce the inflammation that’s associated with gum disease. Pair your regular brushing routine with oil pulling for a jaw-dropping effect.

Oil Pulling Can Do More Than Give You A Glowing Smile

Okay, we get it: If you’re new to oil pulling, it might seem like you’re not doing much more than just swapping your mouthwash for coconut oil, but even though we love to share all about the ways oil pulling can support your smile, the benefits of a regular oil pulling practice go way beyond the mouth.

Oil pulling supports your body’s natural detoxification systems—not only are you removing toxins from the mouth, but according to Ayurvedic medicine, oil pulling also aids in ridding the body of impurities as well. And if you thought the only morning sweat sesh you could get was with a yoga flow or HIIT workout, think again. Oil pulling works your facial muscles, giving your cheeks and face a mini workout to help release tension around your jaw.

How To Get The Most From Your Oil Pulling Routine

Now that we have you on board, let’s chat how to get started. It’s best to make oil pulling a part of your morning routine, that way you can draw out the bacteria that builds up overnight in the mouth as you sleep. Before you eat breakfast, and preferably before drinking water, scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of CoCo and start swishing inside your mouth. In an ideal world, you’ll oil pull for 15-20 minutes, as this is the time it takes to activate the therapeutic effects of the practice. But if you’re feeling like the 20-minute mark is an impossible feat, we’ve got ideas for making it happen.

First off, know that you can absolutely start slow. Go for as long as you can (even just a few minutes is better than nothing), and build from there. As with every routine, the more often you do it, the more likely it’ll grow into a habit. Or, if you’re feeling like you have a million things to rush through before starting work, there’s no shame in multitasking either. Oil pulling is easy to do while you’re taking a shower, getting dressed, prepping breakfast, or cleaning up in the morning. 

We also love the idea of habit stacking: identifying a routine you already have and pairing that with a new habit you want to build. So if you spend 20 minutes reading in the morning before work, try oil pulling while you dive into a new novel. If you’re looking for more ways to bring a little more mindfulness to each day, challenge yourself and see oil pulling as an opportunity to get quiet and tune in, creating space for your thoughts to let loose before other obligations pull your attention away.

Once you’ve hit 20 minutes (or oil pulled for as long as you can), swish with warm water and brush your teeth. And don’t forget this insider tip: While it might be tempting to spit out your coconut oil in the sink, as the oil solidifies, it can clog your plumbing. Swish and spit into a wastebasket or compost bin, and you’ll start your day feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever comes your way.

Support your oral health and help your body detoxify by starting an oil pulling practice. Shop our coconut oil collection for everything you need to start oil pulling today.