Self-Care Practices You Can Do at Home

This is a stressful time for many, and we need to make sure we are taking good care of ourselves - both physically and mentally. Self-care is vital for building resilience toward the stressors we have in our lives.

It’s common for people to think of self-care as a luxury, rather than a priority. However, you can develop a full self-care routine that’s budget friendly, easy, and fun to do at home!

Physical Self-Care

Since most people are working from home, it’s super important to get up and move your body. Yes, it is a form of self-care! This also keeps a healthy connection with your mind. Try stretching as soon as you wake up, or dive into a morning yoga routine that gets your blood flowing.

When we practice physical self-care, we fuel our bodies throughout the day which may even help us sleep better at night. If you find yourself not sleeping well during this time, try to get some exercise or physical activity in during the day. There are so many awesome (and free!) IGTV workouts available online. Check out our 10 Minute Arms Workout with @fitxsyd here!

Mental Self-Care

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to the store to buy a puzzle, they are all gone! Things like puzzles and reading books will keep your mind sharp and active. A lot of times people will understate this! Another personal favorite is morning meditation. This sets you up for a successful day and helps to quiet the mind from any stress or worry that we may be feeling.

What are you doing to stimulate your mind?

Social Self-Care

Okay, we know that you can’t exactly meet up with your friends during this quarantine, but that’s what smartphones are for! One key to self-care is socialization. Having connections with friends and family is important for your overall well-being. Always put time and energy into relationships with others.

Spiritual Self-Care

Whether this means mediation, praying, or simply just being outside with nature, practice spiritual self-care. Developing a spiritual self-care routine doesn’t have to involve religion. It can involve anything that develops a deeper sense of understanding and connection with the universe. 

There are many different forms of self-care and we hope you take some time during your day to practice it! It can change your mind and body for the better.