We celebrated Mother's Day with an interview with our founder, Danielle!
Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful women that have birthed, adopted, raised, supported & loved children. Yes this also includes fur mamas! We honor your selflessness and commitment.
Our founder, Danielle, is a mama of two under two and coconut oil has been her savior throughout her pregnancy and experience as a new mom. Read below to see her insights!
1.)    What is your favorite part about being a mom?

Experiencing the happiest memories of my childhood through their eyes. So I get a double-dose of happiness - remembering the good times I had and getting to see the little ones I love more than anything experiencing it too. It’s awesome to be the one creating those experiences for them this time around!

2.)    What is something that being a mom has taught you?

The key to this whole thing is forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Then forgive yourself some more. You’re going to make “mistakes” 100 times a day. But they’re not mistakes! You’re learning how to function both personally and as a mama. And eat. Remember to eat fruits and vegetables and drink water and matcha tea and not too much coffee. Try not to eat that big sandwich because you’ll crash early in the evening and realize you have babies that never seem to sleep so you could be up for 8+ more hours!

3.) If you could give any piece of advice to other moms or mamas-to-be, what would it be?

Start your day with some sort of a ritual, because the rest will be complete insanity. You planned on a focused accounting day and next thing you know you get your dreaded call from the school nurse that they have a fever or weird looking rash so they must be picked up immediately. So you pick them up, calling every parent and nanny in your phone, but no one is available. So you head home at noon for the day. And you’ll love every moment of it. It's important to take a moment – whether it’s in your car or at home or in the babies' rocking chair – to say a quick thank you, because they chose you and you chose them.

As a mama of a one and two year old, I would say being a mom and business owner means you’re a rockstar. It means tossing out any idea of balance and staying on your toes 24/7 with a smile. Because there’s simply no way of doing it all, honor and respect where you are every morning and try not to set lofty goals. When you do, and you don’t meet them—you feel this sense of failure. Instead, I encourage fellow mamas to set small, achievable goals so that they feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

4.)    What are your favorite CoCo uses for mamas?

There is nothing like coconut oil for diaper rashes! Other creams form a thicker layer, but CoCo actually heals the rash faster. My husband and I argued the other day when my 15 month old had a doozy rash and I reached for Honest cream and he goes – “What are you doing?! Only coconut oil!” My love for this all natural multitasker has officially caught on in our household!

Secondly, for baby eczema. Both Eva and Gabriel had raging eczema, and coconut oil worked like a charm! It’s great for sensitive, newborn skin because it's not used to ANYTHING on it so I’ve found baby skin to react well. Coconut Oil is a single, organic ingredient from the Earth which means you won't find any artificial ingredients, fillers, fragrances, or unnatural preservatives lurking about.