Your Guide to Taking a Road Trip During the Coronavirus

After months of staying at home, I think it’s safe to say everyone is starting to get the travel bug. With travel bans happening around the world still, cross country road trips are the new go-to adventure idea! Road trips, although still a slight risk, seem to be the safest way to travel during the coronavirus - plus, they’re SO fun! They allow you to travel through places you wouldn't normally set for and create memories you’ll never forget! Plus, vacations offer a magnitude of health benefits, including lowering stress, increasing happiness, and reducing the risk of certain diseases. 

A recent survey conducted by the US Travel Association and MMGY Travel Intelligence found that 67% of travelers are likely to travel with their personal cars during the next six months — which is more than double the percentage planning to travel by air during the same time period. And the best part? Road trips are affordable and easy - it just takes a little preparation! We put together a guide on navigating road tripping during the unusual circumstances of the country right now so you can feel safe and fulfill your sense of adventure!

Pre-Roadtrip Preparation: 

travel size coconut oil skincare in travel bag

Check local, state and regional regulations: While some states no longer have restrictions, others may have some in place with numbers changing everyday. When you’re planning your route - be sure to check about travel and guidelines in cities and states you’ll be driving through and staying in. Be sure to have some backup plans incase cases surge in certain areas during your trip, as things may shut down. 

Keep travel buddies immediate: Your travel companions are likely to be the same individuals you’ve quarantined with over the past few months, which adds an extra layer of safety for everyone.  

Look for attractions ahead of time: There’s so many hidden gems across the country beyond your typical tourist attractions - so be sure to do your research or check Pinterest for some inspiration! You can even (safely) ask locals their favorite spots when you’re there if your short on activities. If you do plan on hitting some activities or you have children with you, stick to outdoor attractions or non-crowded places that require employees and visitors to wear masks. Keep a few Coconut Oil Wipes on hand during your outdoor adventures as bug repellent, sincere and healing any scrapes or spots! 

Try a home rental or AirBNB If you’ve ever road tripped before, you know things can be fluid with days and times. We recommend (depending on your length of trip) to plan 2-3 nights of stays to stick to a schedule and the remaining days can be more open as you get a better idea of your trip. AirBNB and home rentals are a great safe option right now since it would mean less people in & out than a hotel, along with a kitchen to cook and avoid risking restaurants. If you’re looking for a quick stay, hotels nationwide are open and available to you! With many people staying at home - there shouldn’t be an issue with hotels booked out for last minute stays. Just be sure to call ahead and ensure they have sanitation policies in place! 


Now more than ever, it's important to pack up your car with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, sanitizing spray, face masks, gloves - a LOT of them. Be sure to pack some coolers with drinks, snacks and food to avoid risking exposure at gas stations and spending money. Some of our favorite roadtrip snacks include fresh fruit Sun & Swell Food, Coconut Oil mini packets (pop one in your coffee for an energy boost!), and Purely Elizabeth granola. Since you'll want to pack light, our Travel Bundle is the perfect combo for some much needed self care & skin rejuvenation after long days in the car! Coconut Oil replaces 20+ of your beauty products including lip balm, moisturizer, suncare and more! It's a road trip essential!

During the Roadtrip:

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Apps to Download

Being prepared means having all resources readily available! So naturally, they’ll all be on your phone.

  • Roadtripper: interactive map to show you everything you need from diners to roadside attractions
  • Waze - trustworthy directions
  • GasBuddy - helps you find gas stations on your route and the lowest fuel prices.
  • Hotel Tonight - find cheap + open hotels to stay at for the days you need a break

Sanitizing Your Surroundings

This is crucial. No matter how safe you’ve been on the road - sanitizing anything you come in contact with is key. At gas stations, use a glove to pump the gas and touch pinpads. At hotels or AirBNB’s, wipe it down with Lysol spray, paying close attention to light fixtures, phone, air conditioner. Wipe down your car door handles and inside the car as well as an extra precaution if you came in contact with anything at stops! It’s better to be safe than sorry! All of the sanitation can seriously dry out your hands. Be sure to keep your Conscious Coconut Oil on hand to hydrate skin and protect with its antimicrobial properties! Dab a bit under your nose for added germ protection. 

Keep Gas Filled

Low gas prices are another benefit of this year’s road trips, with averages just under $2 - the lowest it’s been in the last five years! Keep your tank well-fueled to avoid any issues of breaking down or unsafe situations. 

Avoid Crowds

Due to coronavirus, avoiding public transportation, crowded waiting areas, and strangers is the best way to go. 

Be Present + ENJOY!

We’ve all had a rough few months with high levels of stress & anxiety for the unknown - make sure to be present during your trip and enjoy every second of it! Be safe, be prepared, but don’t let worry scare you out of memories you’ll have for a lifetime!