Travel Dry Brush Bundle

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Our Dry Brush Bundles are a great gift that gives back, ensuring you will look good, feel good & do good with every purchase. We have put together one heck of a dynamic duo - dry brushing & coconut oil - in addition to creating beautiful and educational dry brushing instructions to guide you through this practice of self love.

  • One Conscious Coconut Dry Brush Bundle contains one Travel-Ready Coconut Oil Tube, one Vegan Bamboo Dry Brush, and How-To Dry Brush Instructions
  • Dry brushing is an essential (and energizing!) step for your skincare routine. It's like a juice cleanse for your body.
  • Made from all natural bamboo and sisal, this brush gently exfoliates dead skin to leave your skin looking radiant, rejuvenated, and glowing.
  • Use before showering in combination with Conscious Coconut Oil to cleanse, detoxify, and moisturize the skin—your body will be feeling smooth and soothed.

What are the Benefits?

✓ Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

✓ Skin Exfoliation

✓ Reduces Cellulite

✓ Increases Circulation

✓ Detoxifies Skin

✓ Natural Energy Boost


Coconut oil liquefies at 76 degrees and is solid at room temperature. If you find your tube solidified, massage the tube or run under warm water. If the neck is clogged, use a q-tip or bobby pin to open the hole. Voila!


There is new research conducted daily, but please remember that coconut oil is not a drug and the FDA hasn't evaluated the extensive uses or healing properties we've written here. Conscious Coconut is not intended to diagnose or cure you (that's what the cute doctors are for!)

Customer Reviews

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Exactly as described

Love the packaging and the information card that is included with this item. Exactly as described and very moisturizing.

For my friend

Bought as a gift for my best friend, she loved it

100% organic

Love this!

Pretty Packaging

Packaging was so pretty. Sent information about the product. Very professional.