3 Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body for the New Year

Can you believe it's 2021? After the ups and downs of the past year - your body deserves a reboot to rid it of toxins & stressors. The best part? There's natural ways to do it without dangerous detox tactics or limiting yourself. Check out these 3 simple everyday tips to detox your body simply with Conscious Coconut oil & dry brushing and feel your healthiest, happiest self for the new year!

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps to renew the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, while encouraging the body to rid of toxins. The combination of exfoliating, massaging, and rejuvenating the top layer of your skin with a dry brush is like a juice cleanse for skin!

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins such as chemical toxins, bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood and removed from the body through the tongue. Thus, oil pulling detoxifies and purifies the entire human body with a simple swish! Just grab a Conscious Coconut Oil Packet, massage in hands to liquify and squeeze it into your mouth. Swish for 5-15 minutes (start short and work your way up!) and spit it out after time is up! Try it in the shower or while reading to make time fly!

Boost Beverages

Start your morning with a metabolism boost by adding a tablespoon of Conscious Coconut to your coffee, matcha or smoothie! CoCo's medium-chain fatty acids are known to quickly give your body energy and will kickstart your day! Keep our jar handy in the kitchen to add to drinks and even recipes!