5 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

With the new year in full swing, you probably created some resolutions and goals to start working on for yourself - whether it be for the mind, body, or soul! We're here to help you maintain these goals and feel your healthiest, happiest self! Check out these 5 tips to absolutely crush your goals this year:  

1. Create a Plan

One of the easiest ways to fall off track is to not plan and create a stressful situation. Getting on the path to crush your goals should be a positive, uplifting experience - not stressful! The best way to do this is to create an attainable plan to follow to keep you on track. Wondering where to start? Lets say your goal is to start eating healthier to boost your health. This can be overwhelming for many, especially if you're trying new foods! Make a 2-3 week plan of meals, ingredients, shopping lists, etc. That way, everything is ready and all you have to do is reference these lists! The same goes for any goals - putting an attainable plan together helps it assimilate to your routine.

2. Be Clear on Your 'Why'! 

Anyone can make a goal, but why did you choose your specific new year resolution? Whether it's being more mindful, or eating healthier - make sure you have a 'why' to have a purpose of what you're working towards. Maybe you're trying to eat healthier to boost your health so that you can start traveling to your bucket list spots. Or maybe you're trying to workout more after the mental health affects of 2020. No matter what your 'why' is - 2021 is the perfect time to reflect on your situation and make positive changes for YOU!

3. Mark Milestones

There's nothing like a good reward system to keep you going! As you create your plans, try to set up realistic milestones to celebrate when you hit them! Our minds are naturally reward-motivated so it will not only help you maintain but crush every milestone! For example, if you're trying to workout more - if you do a full month of a solid workout schedule you treat yourself to a spa day, after two months you reward yourself with an extra rest day, and so on. It sounds simple, but it really works!

4. Learn to Say No

Often times, we put our goals aside for others. It's okay every once in awhile, but if it's constant you need to reflect and start to focus on yourself & your 'why' like we previously mentioned. 2021 is the year to focus on YOU and learn to say no. Whether it's drinks with friends that would ruin your goal of going alcohol free, or missing a workout to go out - your friends and family should understand and support your choice to say 'no' to maintain your goals. Plus, there will always be future plans to hop on! Try to plan more goal-friendly plans with friends and family as well to still get that quality time without compromising! Hellooo at home spa day with coconut oil!

5. Get an Accountability Partner

And last but not least, get an accountability partner! Whether it's a friend or something on the same goal as you - we all need a little kick sometimes! You can ask an aligned friend, join Facebook groups, etc - who doesn't love supporting people?! You can both check in daily with each other, make plans to do goal-aligned activities, get support when things get tough, remind each other of you 'why', and so on! It's always helpful to stay motivated when you know someone is relying on you!