Natural Shaving Routine for a Smooth, Bump-Free Shave
A great shave shouldn't be hard! With a variety of different products and razors on the market, developing a shaving routine is an important part of skin care that's often overlooked! Whether you're shaving your legs and underarms, or it's part of your grooming routine to shave your beard - often times shaving can come with not-so-fun results of razor bumps, cuts, ingrown hairs and irritation. We're here to change that! Follow this simple shaving routine to make it a ritual for a smooth, bump-free shave everytime! Did we mention you'll only need Coconut Oil & a razor?


Treat shaving like a self-care practice. You are putting a razor to your skin so prepping skin is crucial and often overlooked! Be sure to take your time and properly prep skin for best results - you should always gently cleanse skin before shaving to prepare it. We love using Organic Coconut Oil Wipes because they're so simple and cleanse deep into pores while creating a protective layer on skin thanks to its superstar ingredient - lauric acid! The wipes themselves are also made of bamboo viscose - so they won't rub hard on skin or irritate it! You can also use an exfoliating scrub if you'd prefer to scrub away dead skin and put your best skin forward.

Don't Skip the Pre-Shave!

Do you use a pre-shave or shaving cream? If not, you could be seriously damaging skin! Pre-shaves work to provide extra lubrication on skin for protection and soften the hair. Coconut Oil is a natural oil that can be used for pre-shave for both men and women - boasting vast benefits. Unlike most shaving creams and pre-shave oils filled with scent, chemicals and fillers - Conscious Coconut Oil is just pure, fair trade & organic certified small batch coconut oil!

Choose Your Razor

The most important part of a razor is the sharpness of the blade, of course. But the type of razor can affect your skin! For acne prone skin, fewer blades is best because more blades means more irritation. For more full-body shaving, Flamingo razors are a great option for a close shave thanks to its flexible hinge and rounded edges. For the men wanting a quick shave, you can't go wrong with a Gillette classic. 


After all the prep and gathering the essentials - it all comes down to perfecting your craft! A good shave comes with careful technique rather than just going for it. To protect skin, hold skin with your free hand to prevent razor cutting or pulling it and gently run the razor over an area. Don't press hard and let the razor do its work - often times you are applying unnecessary pressure that results in cuts! Rinse your razor in between strokes to ensure hair doesn't get stuck and work your way throughout the area. Avoid continually going over the same spot, as this is what causes ingrown hairs. 

Soothe & Protect

It's important to use a soothing, natural moisturizer after shaving to seal and protect skin - like coconut oil! Moisturizers with fragrance or chemicals will irritate skin causing that after-shave sting. Lauric acid, the finest asset of coconut oil, is a saturated fat that is ultra-hydrating and soothes - repairing any cuts, creating a protective layer on skin and boosting soft skin. Lather on coconut oil after shaving and thank us later!

Prevent & Treat Ingrown Hairs

Folliculitis, most commonly known as an ingrown hair, is an infection of the hair follicle caused by blockages from dead skin cells. Prepping for shaving goes beyond that day, as your daily skin routine affects it! Be sure to maintain a healthy, consistent skin routine. Due to coconut oil’s natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, CoCo can be used to spot-treat those funky follicles while also moisturizing the skin to help prevent future blockages.