4 Coconut Oil Uses for Your Daily Routine This Fall

Can you believe summer is coming to a close and we're already saying hello to fall? This year may not have been what we expected for 2020, but it's provided us with the most important lesson of all: slowing down and prioritizing our wellness. Check out these 4 ways to add Coconut Oil to your routine for whole body wellness - inside & out! 

Lip Balm

Ditch your store-bought lip balm and opt for an all natural way to hydrate your pout. CoCo contains plenty of moisture that will prevent dryness and make your lips soft, smooth and kissable!

Girl applying Organic Conscious Coconut Oil as lip balm


Acne Fighter

Conscious Coconut is loaded with fatty acids that are known for their strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties, making it an amazing acne-reducing remedy. Say bye bye to mask-ne!

After Shave

Tired of razor bumps and burns after shaving? Coconut oil can be applied to your skin after shaving to leave your body feeling smooth and soothed.

Coconut Oil as a Natural After Shave

Coffee Creamer

Boost your cozy cup with an energy boost by adding a tablespoon of Conscious Coconut to your coffee. CoCo's medium-chain fatty acids are known to quickly give your body energy and will kickstart your day!


Whether you're cozying up with a good book and a mug, or outdoors adventuring this season - Conscious Coconut Oil has your back! Our Fair Trade, USDA Organic Certified pure coconut oil comes in mini Packets, TSA Approved Travel Tubes, Jars, and even Face & Body Wipes that simplify coconut oil for on-the-go!