Celebrate Labor Day the Ethical Way Shopping Fair Trade

Conscious Coconut is a social enterprise fueled by love. We are committed to giving everyone the tools to live their healthiest, happiest lives. We're proud to celebrate & honor the ethical labor practices that go into each and every product!

Our Fair Trade™ Certification ensures our farmers are paid fairly and their basic needs are met - always! Sourcing global ingredients often guides us to the poorest communities in the world. When basic needs are met, positive changes start to occur – access to higher education, healthcare and equality for women and girls. More importantly we stand strong against forced labor, child labor and human rights abuse – which can be seen throughout our world. We also respect the natural environments we source from, and supervise every aspect of production to bring the highest quality coconut oil to our customers and a prosperous future for our partners.

Once in the States, your order is packaged by mental & developmentally disabled adults locally in Tampa, FL at Macdonald Training CenterMacDonald Training Center (“MTC”) is the premier provider of disability neutral employment placement services for people with disabilities in Hillsborough County, Florida. MTC provides employment placement services to adults with many challenges, including hearing impairments and other physical or cognitive disabilities.

Your purchase donates TWO meals to children in need through Feeding America! It's especially important this month, as it's Hunger Action Month! Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country, consisting of a network of more than 200 food banks. We love and support their BackPack Program, which helps kids eat on the weekends. Bags of food are distributed to more than 450,000 children at the end of each week. We need to ensure our future leaders, innovators, and creatives are getting the proper nutrition for their bellies and brains to grow throughout the most vital years of their lives, protecting them from the mental and physical stunting that can result from malnutrition.