5 Activities To Help You Connect With Your Creativity

In our hyper-connected, constantly moving at a million-miles-a-minute digital world, it can be challenging, if not nearly impossible, to carve out a moment for yourself. And when we think about all that each day involves (work, attending to family responsibilities, connecting with friends, exercising, and more), engaging in creative practices oftentimes becomes an afterthought.


But here’s the truth: finding a consistent time in our weeks dedicated to our creative hobbies isn’t something that should be overlooked or written off as a nice-to-have. According to a New Zealand study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, when we make time for diving into or discovering creative practices, we can initiate an “upward spiral” of positive emotions and build the momentum to help us flourish in life.


So let’s ditch the belief that living a creative lifestyle is just for artists, painters, and writers alone and start seeing ourselves as the creative beings we are. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our list below for five ways you can start connecting with your creativity today.

Make Time For Reading

Before we dive in, let’s be clear: When we say “reading,” we’re not talking about scrolling through your phone or catching up on articles on your computer. Instead, we’re talking about the old-fashioned practice of picking up a paperback or hardcover and diving in deep

Seriously, let’s take a pause and give ourselves a moment to reflect: When was the last time you got invested in the life of a super-relatable protagonist or read up on all there is to know about a topic you’ve never encountered before? If your answer is something along the lines of, “Honestly, I can’t remember,” don’t worry. We’ve got the tips to help you get started.

First off, drop the misconception that reading has to mean serious Literature (capital “L” intended) only. There’s a reason that there are millions of books of varying genres, lengths, and topics, and that’s because there are endless interests that can lead to someone picking up a book. Let go of the pressure to return to your college reading list. If you want to check out a recent best seller or lounge around the pool with the latest beach read, by all means, do exactly that.

Another go-to way to make a reading habit stick? Try switching up your mentality on what “counts” as reading. If someone tells you that the only meaningful reading sessions last an hour or more, you have our full permission to let them know otherwise. As things are opening up in the United States and many of us are coming back to our old routines of being on the go, there are plenty of opportunities throughout our days to make progress in your reading.

Standing in line for brunch? Show up early for a doctor’s appointment? Have a few minutes in the morning before starting your day? Release the temptation to pull out your phone and pick up your book instead. Remember: Every time you read, you’re letting yourself feel inspired and energized by the writing on the page. For more tips, check out the New York Times’ ideas for tapping into your inner reader.

Doodle Your Heart Out

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just love a good moment of mindful relaxation, drawing is a great way to boost creativity. And here’s the good news: your final creations don’t have to be museum-worthy masterpieces. According to Harvard Health, doodling can improve focus, relieve stress, and even boost memory, all of which can contribute to expanding and enhancing your creative life.

If you’re wanting to get more technical and cultivate a drawing practice, there are plenty of resources both online and IRL that you can tap into. Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of videos designed to help you grow your skills in not only traditionally-creative disciplines, but technology, lifestyle, business, and more. YouTube is also full of how-to-draw tutorials to help guide your pen. If you want to take classes in-person, we recommend searching for art classes and organizations in your city. Most offer affordable learning options for any skill level.

Journal. Journal. Journal.

There are countless mental health benefits associated with journaling, and it’s also an effective way to practice your creativity on the daily. Similar to how drawing isn’t for professional artists alone, jotting down your dreams and ideas on paper isn’t just for writers, journalists, or published authors.

In an article for Forbes, writer Bryan Collins shares that journaling “encourages capturing ideas and self-reflection, both key skills for creatives. It’s also a useful skill for entrepreneurs and busy executives, as it fosters clear thinking.” Journaling can help us brainstorm ideas and organize our thoughts, leading to more concrete and coherent plans for our work. Because of this, journaling can establish a foundation from which we can execute and act on our ideas. Best of all? Your journal doesn’t have to be shared with anyone else, meaning that whatever you write down is for your benefit alone.

Get In The Kitchen

While the trending food experiments that seemed to pop up daily on Instagram and TikTok throughout the pandemic (remember whipped coffee?) have largely fizzled out, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep having fun in the kitchen on your own. Although going out to eat still remains a novelty and something we’re happy to support, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping on the weekend or trying out a new dinner party recipe.

If you’re wanting a break from your go-to’s or aren’t feeling energized by what ends up on your plate, try seeking out new sources for culinary inspiration. Get recommendations from your friends for their favorite food blogs and cooking sites or try subscribing to a new-to-you magazine. Of course, social media is a great place to find an endless stream of food content, and you’ll likely find hundreds of new recipes and ideas within minutes of your search.

Another way to get more creative in the kitchen is by heading to your local farmers’ market or co-op to learn what’s currently in season. If there’s a fruit or vegetable that you’ve never worked with, pick it up, head home, and research new recipes that put your produce front-and-center. Chances are, you’ll uncover new techniques, unfamiliar flavors, and unique pairings that’ll re-energize your cooking routine. 

Head Outside

If your idea of getting in a creative mood is limited to an image of hours spent in the studio or at a writing desk, it’s time to expand your horizons. The best way to do that? Step outside and get in the sun.

With most of us getting used to the habit of sitting for hours indoors in front of a screen, a little change in scenery can do wonders in terms of getting a creativity boost. Being outside can improve our ability to concentrate, increase our problem-solving capabilities, and let our minds wander and connect with our imagination. Whether getting outdoors for you looks like a leisurely walk in nature, a weekend camping trip, or time spent hiking with friends, just remember to leave your phone behind and give yourself the space and opportunity to truly disconnect—and tap into your innately creative self.

At Conscious Coconut, we believe that every part of our holistic health journeys are meant to be celebrated, and that includes creativity. Find inspiration in your wellness and beauty routines by discovering all we have to offer for skin health, haircare, and more.