5 Daily Coconut Oil Uses for Mens Skincare & Outdoor Essentials

Calling all dad's and dudes - you deserve some self care too! Coconut oil is a multitasker that will be in your pocket for everything from moisturizing overworked hands to grilling on a warm summer night!

After Shave Salve 

Tired of razor bumps and burns after shaving? Coconut oil can be applied to your skin after shaving to leave your body feeling smooth and soothed!

coconut oil for shaving

Sunburn Savior

Planning long days of hitting the waves? Toss a coconut oil packet into your cooler or beach bag and apply after days full of adventure. Conscious Coconut Oil is non-greasy and quickly absorbs to turn that burn into a tan in no time!

Face & Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil isn't just a moisturizer; it acts as a two way barrier; sealing in the skin's own moisture while also protecting it from external environmental stressors - especially during travel. A little goes a long way - so use it on overworked hands, dry skin and post-shower!

man using coconut oil as natural face moisturizer

Beard Booster

The superstar healthy fat in coconut oil, lauric acid, allows it to penetrate the skin easily, making the roots of your facial hair healthier and softer. Grow that beard you've always dreamed of by massaging a dollop of coconut oil into your beard daily!

Insect Repellent

Love being outdoors but not digging the bug bites that come along with it? Coconut Oil is an all-natural, non-toxic insect repellent that doesn't contain harsh chemicals and has a scent you'll love to wear. It's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also help stop the itching and redness! Our new organic coconut oil wipes are the perfect way to gently heal and cleanse insect bites.

Grilling Health Boost

Coconut oil is amazing for cooking - and it even works hard to clean your grill after too! Use it to clean & prep the grill, add it to your secret sauce for an added metabolism and heath boost, and you can even use it as a natural dish washer after! 

healthy grilling with coconut oil on vacation