6 Simple Travel Wellness Tips for Your Next Trip

Traveling doesn’t have to interfere with your daily wellness routine! Frequent flyers can find it hard to maintain a healthy routine to stick to on the road - from healthy bites to regular fitness. With a few simple tricks, you can develop a wellness ritual that can be practiced anywhere! Travel is a life-changing experience - so why not feel your best while doing it? Check out our 6 simple tips for your next trip! 

Make Hydration a Priority

Drinking enough water - especially during travel - is crucial for so many reasons: to regulate body temperature, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood. If you’re flying, grab a reusable bottle and drink plenty of water on the way to the airport. Once you’re through security use a refill station to fill up and have plenty on hand to sip once you’re settled. Plus, having water handy will help save you money and prevent a quick airport fix like sugary sodas.

Keep Your Schedule Light

When we travel somewhere new, naturally we try to squeeze in any possible activities & experiences we can. That being said, it often can cause unnecessary stress because let’s face it - we can’t do it all! Instead - choose a realistic schedule for your days that allows some down time to regroup, ample time for transportation and fulfills one to two interests of yours! Love art? Plan on a day at the museum you were dying to check out and leave your schedule open to explore the area by foots, finding a spot for lunch. Want to experience the culture? Chat with locals for their top areas to explore. Traveling is all about going with the flow, usually the best experiences are things unplanned! Plus, missing something this trip just gives you an excuse to come back soon - win-win!

Bring Travel-Friendly Multitasking Products - like Coconut Oil!

Say goodbye to the days of trying to fit a ton of products in your suitcase only to go over the bag limit or get items thrown out at TSA! Conscious Coconut Oil was made to help you pack light - it’s TSA-approved and replaces over 20+ products you’d normally pack! From squeezing it in your coffee for an energy boost on the flight to soothing rashes and cuts during adventures - you don’t want to forget this! CoCo is available in a variety of travel friendly sizes - a Travel Tube to keep in your bag, single use Coconut Oil Travel Packets for quick fixes, and Organic Coconut Oil Wipes!

Pack Supplements

Instead of stressing too much about the food you’re enjoying (there’s no better way to experience a culture then through their food!) - packing supplements is a great way to be sure you’re getting the nutrients and nourishment you need to explore. Pack daily vitamins and green powders are always a great option to add to smoothies, juices, teas, and more! 

Fit in Sleep Anywhere You Can

A good night’s sleep is priceless - especially when traveling. From adjusting to time zones to walking all day, sleep will be a huge part of your trip that often is overlooked. Be sure to get ample sleep the day before travel and throughout your trip - listen to your body! Missing an hour for a quick nap will keep you going for the day  instead of dragging around!

Be Present

Traveling is life-changing - don’t miss out and forget to be present through it all! If you start to feel like you’re on a ‘go-go-go’ mindset hopping from adventure to adventure - take a moment to practice mindfulness. Notice the sights around you. Notice the sounds and smells. How are you feeling in this moment? This simple activity will leave you feeling not only calmer but an overwhelming amount of gratitude for where you are in the present moment.