Natural Halloween Hacks with Coconut Oil: Remove Halloween Makeup, Bake Healthy Halloween Treats,and more!

Meet the natural essential for all of your Halloween needs - from removing stubborn face paint to boosting healthy treats. Check out these simple ways to use Conscious Coconut Oil  in your Halloween routine day or night for the whole family!

Remove Makeup 

Gentle but mighty, Conscious Coconut Oil can be used to remove any amount of makeup or face paint after a fun night out. Simply liquify the coconut oil in your hands when it’s in its natural solid state, and gently rub onto dry skin, paying special attention to heavy paint or makeup. Once your makeup has been sufficiently melted away, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Good as new!

Butter Replacement

Better than butter?! Using coconut oil instead of butter is a popular substitute that can improve your overall health and add a new flavor to your cooking. Try using CoCo in baked goods to give your treats a subtle but tasty coconut flavor.

Add a Natural Glow 

Coconut oil works like magic on your face and glides on perfectly. To get that natural glow head to toe, sweep some coconut oil onto your cheeks, arms, legs and more - look at that shine!

Bug Bite Relief

Bug bites can be inevitable - Coconut oil can help! Lauric acid is a saturated fat in coconut oil that helps to soothe skin irritation by keeping the area moisturized and relieve the itch. 

DIY Face Mask 

Cozying up with some movies & good company? Mix up our favorite DIY green mask (festive!) to nourish your skin & brighten your complexion! Coconut oil naturally is anti-inflammatory and hydrating - treating problem areas, reducing the appearance scarring and acts as an anti-aging ritual! Mix 1/2 avocado, 2 tbsp blue agave and 1 Conscious Coconut packet (about 1 tbsp!). Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wash it off and voila!

Hair Treatment

Hair full of glitter, hair spray, and more after Halloween? CoCo has got your back. The fatty acids found in coconut oil work with your hair’s natural proteins to protect it from breaking, reducing knots, locking in moisture, and promoting a healthy boost of shine. After a night out, wash out anything in your hair then rub CoCo into damp hair from root to tip. Wrap it up in a hair towel and leave it in for about 2+ hours (overnight is even better!). After, hop back in the shower and shampoo the oil out. Hello, good hair days!