6 Ways Coconut Oil is an Everyday Essential for Moms

Everyone has a different relationship to Mother’s Day: Whether you’re a new mama, a mom of teenagers, you’ve lost your mother, are struggling to conceive, or have experienced a miscarriage, this day can bring up a whole host of emotions. We want you to know that we see you, that we fully embrace all experiences with the holiday, and that we’re here to support you throughout all the many twists and turns of your own individual journey with motherhood.

Because here’s the reality: each of us is a caregiver. Whether that’s of friends, family, pets, our communities, or ourselves, we bring our own unique love and support to the world. To celebrate that love, we’ve rounded up six ways we’re honored to be able to support moms everywhere and every day, with each jar of Conscious Coconut.

Coconut Oil Is a Nutrition-Packed Powerhouse

Between prepping meals, supporting your kids’ sports teams, and possibly even homeschooling, your work as a mom has you moving at superfast speeds all throughout the day. With plenty on your plate, you want to be taking in the foods that support the energy and stamina you need to make it all happen (perfectly, imperfectly, of course). 

When you consume coconut oil, your liver produces ketone bodies known to have a powerful appetite-reducing effect. So scoop up a spoonful into your morning oatmeal or blend a tablespoon of CoCo into your favorite fruit-filled smoothie. Incorporating coconut oil into your diet on the daily will keep your blood sugar levels balanced, helping you move from one activity to the next with a little more ease. Try out our list of nine springtime smoothies for all the inspiration you need to get started.

Keep The CoCo Coming For All-Day Energy

Building off of the nutrition benefits shared above, coconut oil is also a key way for moms to get some (much-needed) energy stat. Conscious Coconut’s medium-chain fatty acids provide a quick supply of energy to your body, helping you start your day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, or at least able to deal with the realities of motherhood that start as soon as you wake up.

Already a coffee lover? We’re right there with you—and we love stirring in a scoop of coconut oil into our morning cup of joe for the most delicious and nutritious coffee creamer around. A little added CoCo helps to promote circulation, stimulate the lymph nodes, improve digestion, and boost metabolism—all you have to do is brew up your favorite beverage. Try this for a tip: Drop a few hints before Mother’s Day that this is the drink you want to be served in bed. (Okay, alongside a mimosa too.)

Care For Your Baby With Conscious Coconut Oil

If you’re a new mom, discovering effective ways to streamline you and your baby’s routine can feel like winning the lottery. Caring for the needs of a newborn in addition to supporting yourself means you’re juggling and responding to many things at once, but coconut oil can help simplify things while still making sure your little one is getting care they need.

Say goodbye to store-bought diaper ointments and swap in CoCo for a soothing and natural antibacterial solution for diaper rash. Just a teaspoon applied directly to the affected area of your baby’s bottom plus a moment to dry will do the trick.

You can also help your baby through the tough stage of teething by rubbing a bit of coconut oil gently into their gums to ease the pain. Make it a habit and you’ll probably even turn your little one onto the delicious taste of coconut in the process.

And because sleep is always top-of-mind when we’re chatting about any and all things moms and motherhood, we can’t forget to mention this: Ditch the drugstore sleep aids ASAP. Consuming coconut oil, with its hearty dose of healthy fats, alongside or after dinner will help you sleep through the night without a grumbling tummy to disturb you. Snooze away.

Coconut Oil Makes Your Mental Health A Priority

Taking care of our minds is a crucial part of supporting our overall health as mothers and women. Alongside consistent rest and rejuvenation, consuming coconut oil can play an important role in proactively addressing mental health concerns.

Coconut oil’s healthy fats are at it again, feeding your brain what it needs to function at its best. A little bit of coconut oil goes a long way in making sure your mind is getting the necessary nutrients to protect against depression, anxiety, and mood swings, as well as neurological decline and disease.

Nourish Your Thyroid, Boost Your Overall Health

Hypothyroidism, also called underactive thyroid, is a condition where your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. This can have a negative impact on everything from your metabolism to heart rate, and can lead to fatigue, constipation, dry skin, and weight gain or loss.

Women are more likely to experience thyroid diseases than men, particularly following pregnancy, and it’s important that moms are aware of how coconut oil can help. Because of Conscious Coconut’s unique structure of medium-chain fatty acids, saturated fat, and lauric acid, our coconut oil’s particular composition of fats helps nourish the thyroid. As hypothyroidism slows your metabolism, the condition can drain and deplete your energy. But because coconut oil provides a quick-converting source of energy, consuming it can be an effective solution for fighting against the fatigue-causing condition.

Self-Care and Self-Lovin’ Pair Well With CoCo

New moms, well-seasoned moms, moms of plants, and moms of animals—we’re each caring for someone or something different, but what’s true for all of us is that sometimes, we can truly just use a break.

When that need strikes and the opportunity presents itself—take it and don’t think twice. And if you’re looking for ways to enhance your r&r for a truly blissful bit of pause, be sure to have your coconut oil well within reach.

A true multi-purpose miracle, coconut oil can be used in any skin-saving and hair-rescuing routine. Head here for a week of skin-brightening tips and be sure to bookmark our guide to getting the most luscious locks of your life.

And if you’re like us and think that sometimes the best break is taking a capital “P” Pause and heading straight to the bedroom for a nap (eye mask on, white noise machine on high), get all the guidance you need for the best sleep of your life right here.

Wishing you and yours a happy Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for ways to show some love to the moms in your life (yourself included), explore all our gifts for wellness and self-care right here.