Healthy Hair Doesn’t Have To Mean High-Maintenance—Here Are 5 Tips That Prove Exactly That

With months spent in quarantine, our routines have inevitably changed: We’ve embraced leggings as a lifestyle, made (and eaten) more banana bread than ever before, and of course, we’ve switched up how we care for our hair. Gone are the days of bi-weekly blowouts, and instead we’ve embraced a more easy-going and all-natural approach.

What have we learned from our new low-maintenance routine? All those products we used to buy on repeat—you know, the miracle cures for dry locks and split ends—not only are they unnecessary, but oftentimes, they tend to do more harm than good. As much as a bottle can try to convince you that you’ll find the secret to shiny locks inside, you’ll find more luck, and healthier hair, in the habits you practice every day. From foods that boost hydration to conditioning tips that help you maintain moisture, read on to learn how you can take care of and style your hair to perfection—for post-quarantine and beyond.

Know Thy Hair

First thing’s first: It’s time to get honest with yourself and ask, Do you really know your hair type? This is a little-discussed, but totally game-changing part of taking great care of your hair. If you choose to go the product route, knowing whether or not your hair is fine, thick, curly, dry, or color-treated (or one of the many other types on the spectrum!), can determine what ingredients will best support the kind of care your tresses need.

Beyond matching the right product to your hair, knowing your hair type can also help you fine-tune your routine. For example, when it comes to shampoo, knowing when and how often to shampoo depends on your hair’s unique needs. Are your locks on the oily side? You might need to shampoo daily. Or maybe your hair is on the dryer end, which in that case, you’ll want to shampoo less often. Chat with your stylist, take a quiz online, or dive into one of the many resources available to get to know your locks a little better and give them the care they require. Hello, good hair day every day!


Detangle Hair And Disguise Split Ends With Ease

Whether your hair is curly, stick-straight, or somewhere in between, we’ve all dealt with a nasty tangle that’s felt impossible to undo. Proactively prevent tangles by applying coconut oil to post-shower hair, working a wide-toothed comb through your strands for locks that are soft, supple, and super manageable. If, on the other hand, your hair gets caught in a tangle while dry, first step: don’t panic. While it might be a bit more challenging to undo than wet hair, CoCo’s still got your back. Before diving into the knot head first, work a little coconut oil over the tangled tresses. The fatty acids in coconut oil (see below for more on their magic) help the oil get deep into your hair, giving some slip to your strands so your comb can slide through seamlessly.

If it’s been more than a few months since your last visit to the salon (same), and split ends are giving you trouble, hide them away and give hair some extra nourishment by applying a little Conscious Coconut through your ends. Split ends and all your tangled woes, solved

Condition And Shine To Perfection

Again, the solution to the shiniest hair of your life isn’t in a bottle—but you can find it in a jar (catch our drift?). Conscious Coconut Oil is full of medium-chain fatty acids; also referred to as medium-chain triglycerides, this structure of fatty acids penetrates deep into the hair shaft, giving your locks serious shine. Vitamin E, the powerhouse ingredient that rebuilds proteins and nourishes hair from the inside out, is working behind the scenes to keep your locks long, lush, and growing strong.

Ready to seamlessly weave coconut oil conditioning into your hair care routine? Try this DIY mask that’ll boost shine without weighing down your hair: Massage a packet of coconut oil evenly from root to tip, twist and secure with a clip, cover with a towel, and let the mask work its magic for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse out and dry for hair that’s soft, shiny, glowing, and gorgeous.

Don’t Forget About Diet

While what goes on your locks is a key part of helping your hair shine, your inner, holistic health and what you put in your body is important as well. Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and protein are all nutrients that support healthy hair growth and appearance. Upping your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish like salmon, sardines, and herring, or flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts for a vegetarian option, stimulates hair follicles, helping to improve scalp health.

Zinc is a hair loss-fighting nutrient that plays a huge part in repairing hair tissue. Not only that, but zinc promotes the proper functioning and health of hair follicles, keeping your hair growing strong. Want to up your intake of zinc? Chicken, hemp seeds, yogurt, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and cashews are all great sources of the mineral, and are all easy-to-come-by ingredients that’ll quickly become delicious staples in your healthy and happy hair diet.

Last but not least, while protein is well-known for its ability to build muscle in the body, less is written about how amazing protein is for your hair. But just because protein’s benefits for your locks aren’t shouted from the rooftops, doesn’t mean it isn’t a super-effective macronutrient for hair growth. So how does protein help? Hair follicles are composed mostly of protein, and a deficiency of protein in your diet can lead to hair loss. Keep that from happening by taking in a steady stream of protein sources: Eggs, cottage cheese, collagen, lentils, oats, and spirulina are just a few of the countless ways you can work protein into your daily meals.

Scalp Health Is Key

An unspoken element of securing shining hair is paying careful attention to the health of your scalp. Sure, it’s not the sexiest solution, but treating your scalp with care can make or break your dreams of lustrous locks. The good news is that applying a mix of the tips above, and being sure to consume a healthy hair diet, can do wonders for hydrating a dry scalp and maximizing hair growth. 

A surprising practice to add to your hair care toolkit? Exfoliation. That’s right—exfoliating isn’t just for your body or face. Giving your scalp a good scrubbing can get rid of dead skin cells that lead to buildup. Try this pro stylist tip: Add a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo, massaging into your scalp with the pads of your fingers. Your scalp will be well taken care of, leaving your hair shiny, sweet, and oh-so-hydrated.

Coconut oil is our favorite shine-enhancing and healthy hair-boosting ingredient. Discover the many ways you can make Conscious Coconut a part of your wellness routine by diving in and exploring all our coconut oil offerings here.