It’s Time We Embrace—Not Erase—Cellulite And Stretch Marks. Here’s How Coconut Oil Can Help.

First thing’s first: Cellulite and stretch marks? Yep, they’re not bad. They’re not a personal failure, and they’re not a sign of poor diet or an inactive lifestyle. According to experts, cellulite is a biological fact of women’s bodies, resulting from the tissue, fascia, and fat cells found beneath the skin. Know this: Cellulite is not uncommon, and in fact, research states that about 90 percent of women experience it. Armed with this information, cellulite-acceptance is on the rise, and women everywhere are coming to a place of living with the truths of our beautiful and wholly unique bodies.

Same goes for stretch marks. They can result from stress put on the skin, whether that’s due to pregnancy, genetics, a rapid increase or decrease in weight, or a whole host of other possible factors. But we get it: We’re doing the work to let go of the narrative of shame around these undeniable facts of our bodies, but it’s okay to still seek out solutions for reducing their appearance. While there’s no way to completely cure our bodies of cellulite, and while stretch marks may never fully disappear, both conditions are harmless, and we have the freedom to treat them as we please.

So with that in mind, these are the tips and tricks we swear by for *embracing* not erasing, stretch marks and cellulite. Read on to learn how coconut oil can help you take care of your skin and treat your body with the love, care, and attention it deserves—imperfections and all.

Dry Brush For The Best Self-Massage Of Your Life 

Dry brushing is one of the best ways we know to help you show love for your body and mind. The ancient Ayurvedic practice comes with a long list of benefits, ranging from visibly improving the texture of your skin and stimulating the lymphatic system to releasing stress and calming the mind. As for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, dry brushing achieves a similar impact for both. Dry brushing loosens up the fat deposits beneath the skin, distributing them evenly, and in turn, making cellulite less visible. As for stretch marks, dry brushing stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, reducing stretch marks’ appearance on the skin.

Here’s how to get started with dry brushing: Using short, firm strokes upwards with your dry brush, start at your feet and brush upward toward the heart, and work in a clockwise direction around your stomach to help promote healthy digestion. Be careful not to brush too hard as this can cause damage to the skin. A few minutes (three to five, to be exact) will do just the trick. After stepping out of the shower (permission to leave the warm water running, as this helps clear out the grime that’s accumulated in your pores), rub in Conscious Coconut oil from head to toe.

Treat Topically With CoCo

Stretch marks can benefit from a consistent use of coconut oil on the skin. Two to three times daily, try rubbing oil onto the affected areas and watch stretch marks quickly fade with regular application. Because of coconut oil’s healing and moisturizing properties, CoCo is an effective option for repairing skin’s texture and restoring hydration.

Remember: Beauty and wellness practices are meant to be done with the intention of showing your body love and respect, and honoring the journey you’re on. The goal should never be to hide yourself, but instead to let your true beauty and spirit shine through. Coconut oil hydrates the skin and restores moisture, helping you glow from the inside out, cellulite and stretch marks included.

Ready to love the skin you’re in? Conscious Coconut Oil is fair-trade and cold-pressed, making it a sustainable and all-natural option for giving your body the best care, every day. Shop all our coconut oil products here.