5 Ways to Get Your Skin Hydrated for Spring

We’re springing forward and saying goodbye to winter skin! But why does it always seem like winter lasts for years? If you’re one who struggles with aggravating skin conditions during the colder months of the year, this article is for you!

We’ll be delivering helpful tips and tricks to get the skin of your dreams. With spring coming, that means shorts, dresses, tank tops, and more. You’ll be ready and glowing for the season transition!

Drink Twice the Amount of Water You Normally Do

The cure to everything…water! Beauty starts from the inside and drinking water will help the body get rid of toxins that cause skin ailments and dry skin. Start off slow by adding an extra 8 fl oz to your water intake daily.

Exfoliate Often

Do you notice that your skin looks flaky? This is how exfoliation can help! Try using a dry brush in your beauty routine to get rid of the flaky dry skin before you shower. You’ll feel instant results!

Moisturize Overnight

Your skin is more prone to lose moisture at a much faster rate in the wintertime. Always carry a moisturizer in your bag at all times. We recommend getting a tube of coconut oil because it significantly improves skin hydration and is more effective than the normal hand lotion. And it’s all-natural! With vitamins E and K, coconut oil is a massive force and cure for many skin conditions.

“I really enjoyed having the packets on hand while I am on the go. My sensitive skin has been so angry at this time of year and I can’t go a few hours before my skin looks dry again. The coconut oil has helped me maintain moisturized skin while I’m out and about!! Even with makeup on, I can apply the coconut oil and then touch up my makeup right over top. I love that!”

Grab a Humidifier 

Humidifiers are your best friend throughout seasonal transitions. They keep the moisture in the air and prevent the conditions that lead to dry, flaky skin. Use your humidifier overnight for best results. 

Avoid Excess Hot Water

We get it, a hot shower sounds calming after a long day of work, but try to avoid hash heat on your skin. Hot water can actually make your skin drier, as it strips the protective oils from your skin.