Antimicrobial Properties of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

One of the endless natural uses of coconut oil is oil pulling. Oil pulling is the practice of swishing coconut oil in your mouth for a period of time to produce antimicrobial health benefits. Oil pulling is an essential part of oral hygiene because bacteria in the body builds up in the mouth and swishing with oil helps to fight and wash the bad bacteria away. There are no side effects of oil pulling so it's beneficial for everyone!


How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Oil pulling is a self-care practice that you can incorporate in your morning routine. It’s best done before you have breakfast. It’s best to oil pull with coconut oil because it contains lauric acid, which is well-known for its antimicrobial agents. Additionally, it fights off microorganisms that cause bacteria. Our Individual Coconut Oil Packets are the perfect size for oil pulling! You can find them here.


Does It Actually Work?

The whole purpose of oil pulling is to draw out the impurities in your mouth and nourish the tissues, including your gums, inside. There are natural toxins that remain in your mouth and oil pulling uses its natural properties to rise the toxins out. Oil pulling also has an impact on daily hygiene like fresh breath and whiter teeth. Plus, it’s easy and affordable. Who wouldn’t want to try this?!


How Do I Do It?

Grab some organic coconut oil, put 2 tablespoons inside your mouth (make sure it is melted and looks like a liquid). Swish inside your mouth for 10-15 minutes. If that’s too much for you, do it as long as you can and work your way up every day. Try 1 minute to start! You can swish while you’re reading a book, cleaning the house, working from home, loving on your pets, etc. After that, swish with warm water and brush your teeth. That’s it!