Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Healthier Hair

On top of being an amazing addition to your fall skincare & a wellness booster inside and out - coconut oil is also an essential in your haircare routine for healthier, thicker hair! Who doesn't love a good hair day everyday?

Between cold weather, daily washing and environmental toxins - hair withstands a lot of daily damage! Plus,  many shampoos and treatments contain harmful chemicals and strong fragrances that can be actually hurting your hair. Coconut oil is a natural way to hydrate, repair and nourish your hair. The nutrients & fatty acids naturally found in this oil helps your hair retain protein to promote growth, seal cuticles to lock in hydration and prevent damage, and slow down hair loss and breakage by penetrating your hair shaft. Plus, hydrating your hair deeper means improved texture and shine!

The Benefits

Grows Hair Longer & Thicker

The vitamins and essential fatty acids also help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles, which speeds up healthy growth natural.

Deeply Conditions to Hydrate & Strengthen

The high levels of lauric acid and Vitamin E in Coconut Oil are known to protect and repair hair's natural protein. It also boosts moisture - hydrating and preventing breakage that weakens hair.

Treats Split Ends & Damage

Struggling with split ends and heat damage between hair appointments? Coconut oil will help smooth the cuticles on your split ends so your hair doesn't look frayed or damaged. It works on dry ends and sections of hair to seal in moisture and replenish.

Boost Scalp Health

Itchy, flakey scalp got you down? This is often thanks to various fungi. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which means it can treat dandruff, reduce fungi and balance your scalps microbiome all at the same time. A healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair!

Improves Texture & Shine

Happy, hydrated hair results in a natural glow! Dull, dry hair is a result of lack of moisture and protein loss in follicles. Lauric Acid from a Coconut Oil Mask will quickly seal in moisture and naturally boost shine for luscious locks all day!

Tames Frizz

Cold weather and chasing temperatures can leave your hair dried out and frizzy. Coconut oil naturally replenishes moisture throughout your hair to prevent frizz from happening. Plus, keeping a Coconut Oil Packet on hand helps you to quickly fight frizz before it happens! Just rub a tiny bit between your fingers and smooth out frizz on-the-go!


How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Ready to add coconut oil into your daily haircare routine? We curated the perfect kit with everything you need to boost your hair with this self-care practice! Our bamboo vegan hair brush will prep your hair, followed by our organic coconut oil packets containing the perfect portion of coconut oil for a hair treatment. Wrap up your hair in our sustainable quick dry hair towel, produced from recycled water bottles, to let your hair absorb the natural oil and seal in repairing hydration. It even comes with an illustrated guide to get started and an organic cotton bag to take it with you anywhere! 

coconut oil hair mask kit

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