Facial Massage with Coconut Oil for Stress & Anxiety Relief

When you're feeling stressed or anxious, it physically builds up in your body - causing facial muscles to become tense and often other effects on digestion, fatigue, etc. One simple way to alleviate these feelings is facial massages with coconut oil! This natural remedy works to activate your sympathetic nervous system and can be done anywhere, anytime. It has strong effects on stress alleviation and psychological relaxation - plus, it's a little extra self-care for your skin! 

Try this calming facial massage for stress relief and the self-care we all need right now during this Election Week!

1. Scoop up some coconut oil and gently massage between hands to liquify oil.
2. Start by massaging temples and forehead with two fingers in small circular motions.
3. Using your thumb and pointer finger, glide fingers up and down the nasal bridge (sides of your nose) about 5 times
4.  Using the side of your palm, gently glide hand up cheekbones 5-6 times.
5. Massage neck and jawline in small circular motions.
6. Glide fingers across eyebrows 4-5 times.
7. Take 5 deep breaths - you’ll be feeling totally refreshed!