The One Superfood You Need to Boost Coffee & Sustainable Natural Energy

Whether you're a student, busy mama or a business professional - you probably reach for a cup of coffee in the morning to fuel your day! We're here to share a natural way to boost your morning (or afternoon!) coffee with just one tbsp of coconut oil! It will not only give you long-lasting energy, but also support immunity, curb cravings and improve overall health!

The History

Whether you know it as keto coffee, bulletproof coffee, butter coffee, MCT oil coffee, etc. - this powerhouse combo actually originated as a Tibetan breakfast tradition! In Tibet, it's often consumed in replacement of breakfast for mountain dwellers and hikers to sustain clean long-lasting energy for their travels for centuries. It has now spread all over the globe and adapted recipes have come about from adding coconut oil, butter, ghee and more!

Check out some of the benefits on sippin' on this superfood:


Provides Sustainable, All-day Energy

Although we reach for coffee to wake up - often times heavy caffeine results in a quick burst of energy then a crash for most of the day. Adding coconut oil to your cup helps prevent this onset of energy and creates sustainable, clean energy that's long-lasting and all natural!

Immune Boost

During this pandemic, immune health has become a priority for everyone. From citrus fruits to exercise - there's a lot of ways to boost immunity. Ingesting coconut oil is an effective way to strengthen your immune system by improving white blood cell counts and creating a hostile environment for viruses - helping the body fight them head on. 

Enhances Mental Clarity & Focus

Brain food is real! The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are absorbed easily into the body and can be accessed in the brain without the use of insulin. Thus, they are able to help fuel your brain cells - resulting in healthier cognitive function and better focus. Say bye, bye to afternoon brain fog!

Metabolism Boost

Because coconut oil is thermogenic, consuming it tends to increase energy expenditure, aka your body's fat burning abilities

Curbs Cravings

Consuming CoCo daily helps to regulate steady blood sugar levels to keep cravings in check. The ketones bodies produced by the liver after eating coconut oil are known to have a powerful appetite reducing effect. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil help to fuel your body with essential healthy fats while healing your digestive tract - helping to better absorb vitamins and nutrients from your meals. 

Ready to add this wellness booster to your routine? Our Coconut Oil Packets are the perfect size to squeeze right into your morning brew! Keep a few in your kitchen, in your purse or at your desk to boost your coffee and add a subtle sweetness!