Coconut Oil for Winter Wellness & Skincare

During the winter, our wellness routine can take a back-burner with temperatures dropping, daylight getting shorter and holiday busyness. Most of us tend to notice fatigue, dry skin, and less motivation to make nourishing meals. We're here to show you how just how simple winter wellness can be using simply Coconut Oil in all areas of your routine to feel your happiest, healthiest self!

 Our Favorite Winter Coconut Oil Uses

Hydrating Moisturizer: Using coconut oil on your skin can be the difference between flaky, dry skin, and soft, glowing skin. Its naturally occurring unique combination of nourishing fatty acids & repairing antioxidants like vitamin E! CoCo hydrates skin like no other - working from the inside out. Not only does it seal in moisture and soothe - it also acts as a protective shield against free radicals for healthy, hydrated skin this season. Lucky for you, CoCo is a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types! Grab our Coconut Oil Jar to stay stocked up this season!

Heal Chapped Lips: Coco goes deeper to treat skin on lips rather than drugstore chapsticks that just cover the problem. Dab a bit of Conscious Coconut Oil onto lips to soothe and repair with instant hydration - revealing soft, smooth lips to kiss chapped lips goodbye!
Energy Boost: If you're like us, the weather dropping and getting dark earlier is seriously causing a lack of energy. Although everyone likes a cozy night in, the mornings can be tough this season. Add 1 tbsp of CoCo into your morning drink to boost your energy! The medium-chain fatty acids in CoCo are absorbed easily in the body and can be accessed in the brain without the use of insulin. Thus, they are able to fuel brain cells more efficiently.
Deep Condition Hair: Yes, coconut oil is even amazing for hair care! Naturally, it is ultra-hydrating to deep condition and lock in moisture while relieving scalp dryness. The fatty acids, like lauric acid, nourish hair to strengthen strands, prevent breakage and frizz, promote growth and improve texture & shine. Try a Coconut Oil Hair Mask for healthy, luscious locks!
Boost Recipes: The oils you cook in can transform your meal to be bursting with nutrients - like cooking with coconut oil! Unlike other oils, CoCo is filled with healthy fats to boost your overall wellness, immunity boost, and add a subtle sweet flavor. Replace butter in baking recipes and stirfry veggies with it - the possibilities are endless! Plus, it adds an immunity boost to all of your healthy Thanksgiving recipes for the family!
Oil Pulling: With the holidays coming up, it's the perfect time to achieve a naturally brighter, whiter smile! Oil pulling is an ancient practice of swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. It works to pull toxins from teeth & gums to reveal brighter whites, healthier gums and overall better oral health. Our Coconut Oil Packets are the perfect portion to try this practice out tonight! Just squeeze one into your mouth, swish for 10-15 minutes (we love to do it while we shower or read a good book!) then spit it out!