How to Be A Conscious Consumer for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Every day, we unintentionally make decisions without even thinking twice about the meaning and impact behind our choices. The same goes for what we put our hard-earned money towards when purchasing gifts for our loved ones (and maybe for ourselves, too)! Being a consumer in modern times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is often impulsive and mostly based on convenience — especially during the holidays. These impulsive and quick decisions often make decisions for us that we aren’t consciously aware of: supporting poor working conditions, contributing to the waste impacting our environment and so much more. 

Though sales, the lowest price, and “dupes” can be very tempting, these options often lack quality and substance. The best way to show support in the causes you believe in is to fund the businesses that reflect your ethics and values. Put your money where your mouth is by supporting the world-changing causes that you believe in with these following tips:

  • Choose brands that strive for sustainability - Between the wrapping paper, ribbons, bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers and more, the holidays can become a serious source of waste and fuel the toxic excessive consumption that has become normalized in our society. There is 8,000 tons of wrapping paper used every year, which equals roughly 50,000 trees! Though we love beautifully wrapped presents and their pretty vessels, these containers cause serious and permanent damage to the environment. This is why it’s important to purchase gifts with sustainable and cute packaging! At Conscious Coconut, all of our packaging is sustainable. Our products come in either glass jars with bamboo lids, laminate aluminum tubes, biodegradable wipes and more. 
  • Shopping Fair Trade - Fair Trade Certified said, “When you give a fair trade gift this holiday season, you're making a conscious choice to support the wellbeing and livelihoods of essential workers, supporting fair and responsible business, and sharing these values with your loved ones.” We couldn’t have said it better. Our fair trade, organic coconut oil is certified through Fair Trade USA ensuring safe working conditions and just compensation for farmers and factory workers. We have also implemented sustainable farming practices and clean waterways in Davao City, Philippines. 
  • Shop small to support local makers - The economic impact of shopping small is reason enough to buy small — but it doesn’t end there. When you shop small and locally, your neighbor reaps the benefits, more jobs in the community are created and sustained, the customer service is better, and more. We’ve all seen the video of the “happy dance” these entrepreneurs do when making a sale — buying small makes a huge impact. Small businesses are the best. When shopping small, you put your money back into the same community that you live, work and play in. Conscious Coconut is a small but mighty team based out of Tampa, FL. Each order is packaged and shipped with love — we know firsthand that it makes a difference. 
  • Give twice with brands that give back - Purchasing a great product definitely makes us feel good. But, do you know what makes us ecstatic? Companies that prioritize giving a portion of their sales to non-profits. For example, once our products arrive in the United States, they are packaged by adults with mental and developmental disabilities at the Macdonald Training Center in Tampa. And for every product sold, we donate a meal to a child in need through Feeding America. We are committed to raising awareness for childhood hunger in the United States. Since our launch at Wanderlust Chicago 5 years ago, we have fed 450,000 kids through our one-to-one platform! We are living proof that your purchase can make a difference.