6 Ways to Safely Give Back This Holiday Season

There's no doubt this holiday season looks different this year, but it's made all of us even more grateful for our health, happiness, and those around us. There's plenty of ways to safely give back to your community - from donating time to helping out neighbors and local businesses. Check out these 6 ways everyone can give back this season:

Volunteer to go grocery shopping for family or neighbors who are at-risk or elderly: The COVID-19 pandemic has made simple things like grocery shopping a risk for the elderly or at-risk people. Be sure to check on your friends, family and neighbors to make sure they have everything they need. Volunteering to do grocery trips for them is a small act that has a magnitude of impact. 

Support Essential Workers & First Responders: The best way to support essential workers is to stay home & stay safe, of course. But beyond that, there's a lot of other simple ways to show your support. Contact local hospitals, fire stations and more to see if they are accepting meal donations, or if you know an essential worker send a meal to their family to take one less task off their hands this season. For delivery drivers or postal workers, leave pre-packaged snacks or drinks to show your appreciation - they're working hard to deliver the family cards, Black Friday orders, etc. 

Shop Small: Your local shops & businesses have taken a serious hit this year. With the holiday season in full swing, grab gifts from local boutiques and artisans, do food shopping at local markets and food stands, and support local restaurants and coffee shops daily! Remember, local shop owners rely on your support to stay open. Plus, shopping small is the best way to get unique, carefully crafted gifts. 

Volunteer at Local Food Banks & Shelters: Hunger is a serious problem in the United States although it is not always seen. Because of this, most food banks & shelters will be running as usual this year and desperately need volunteers (with a mask, of course!) and donations. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country, consisting of a network of more than 200 food banks. For every Conscious Coconut product sold, we donate two meals to a child in need through Feeding America!

Random Acts of Kindness: Kindness goes a long way! Try and find simple ways to show people in your community some extra love. Pay for the coffee order behind you, make your friend a uplifting playlist, or send flowers to a loved one. Theres endless ways that are guaranteed to brighten someones day - especially needed during this time of heightened anxiety & worry. Show everyone that someone out there cares for them - it's so important!

Donate: This year has financially impacted everyone, but if you can - monetary donations go a long way for non-profit organizations helping those in need. Research local non-profits or causes that you believe in and make an impact with your donation. A lot of organizations also allow you to make donations in someones name as a gift!