4 Things to Look For When Choosing a Coconut Oil

With an increasing popularity in both beauty and wellness - coconut oil is a staple item for everyone to boost skin health, improve overall wellness, and create some DIY beauty recipes at home. With that being said, there's a lot of different variations of coconut oil that can greatly affect the quality and benefits you get from the oil. We put together 4 key things to look for when choosing a coconut oil for your daily routine!

Organic Certified: When choosing a coconut oil, be sure to look for a coconut oil for your routine - be sure to look for the USDA Organic symbol on their packaging. This ensures coconuts are grown organically without chemicals, and by sustainable farming practices. This ensures not only that your coconut oil is pure and free of chemicals - but also that the environment is being preserved in the process. As an increasingly popular ingredient in many beauty & wellness items, often times you'll see non-certified, low quality coconut oil being used. Conscious Coconut Oil is USDA organic certified along with Fair Trade certified!  

Extraction Method: Less is more! When coconut oil is made, it's crucial that it is carefully handled to ensure it's healing and hydrating properties are maintained. Be sure to check the label of coconut oil to ensure it is cold pressed - meaning it has not been exposed to heat which would damage the oil and minimize benefits. Other words to look for is virgin, meaning it hasn't been bleached, exposed to chemicals, heat, etc. - allowing it to retain its texture, taste and benefits. Hand pressed and small batch are also factors to look for when doing your research - ensuring that extra bit of love is put into the creation. Conscious Coconut Oil is hand pressed, small batch, virgin and cold pressed! Plus, our oil has 4x the antioxidants of others because of our process. Only the best for you!

Unrefined vs. Refined: To continue the importance of extraction method, another set of terms you'll see is unrefined vs. refined. Unrefined is the pure, healthiest option - meaning it follows the pure extraction methods of no heat, high quality virgin oil without additives. Refined coconut oil is bleached and deodorized to have a higher melting rate - often times used in cooking. Unfortunately, it's lacking key components of coconut oil, lowers quality, and gets rid of the coconut oil taste (boo!). This, in turn, results in a longer shelf life for stores and is more readily available. If you're looking to use coconut oil for your skin & wellness - unrefined is your best bet!

Non-plastic Packaging: Over time, the toxins in plastic will spread into your food and drinks - and the same goes for coconut oil! Not only does it effect its benefits but it can impact your health using it! That's why we only package our coconut oil in sustainable, plastic free packaging. Our best-selling Travel Tube is made of laminate aluminum with bamboo lids, our 8 oz jars are recyclable glass and the organic coconut oil wipes are biodegradable! 


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