From Our Founder: Coconut Oil + The Desert

I’m on my way back from an awesome trip to Palm Springs, California. I’m a beach baby but my soul loves the desert. The weather is vastly different than Florida though. Both are 100 degrees but with Florida humidity sometimes you can’t figure out if its raining or not; and Palm Springs is super dry and the dust storms can kick your tush. I had my coco in tow and used a whole tube this weekend!

The sun isn’t as strong as in Florida so I used coconut oil as my sunscreen and after showering I put it on head to toe. I have a pretty great glow if I do say so myself : ) I ate it of course because it was a long flight and I didn’t want to get sick (its a natural antibiotic). My skin was drying up so I smathered it all over as a moisturizer after taking my makeup off with it. I rubbed it into my cuticles and tootsies. It was my face moisturizer and I oil pulled in the mornings. My lips were cracking so I would swipe a little on for moisture. Some kid at the pool banged up his foot so I gave him a tube and after two days you could see it had improved considerably and he didn’t have any sort of yucky problems going on. I shaved my legs and washed my face with it. I poured some into a bath on the last day and threw a few squeezes in for a deep hair conditioner. This head may be gray but at least its shiny!

I use it in all these ways back in Florida but it was awesome to see it work in such drastically different conditions. I feel great and I’m not dry or flaky at all. I’m really loving the tree of life!

Ways I Used it This Trip:
Face + Body Moisturizer
Hair Conditioner
Shaving Cream
Makeup Remover
Healing Balm
Lip Balm
Oil Pulling
After Sun-care
Cuticle and Foot Cream