A Note To Wanderlust, From Our Founder

I love everything about Wanderlust. I am inspired by every post I read, event attended and now avocado toast eaten at their new space called Wanderlust Hollywood. When I lived on Bali I spent my days at the Yoga Barn in Ubud and always dreamt of a place similar here in the States. Think of your favorite yoga studio, coffee shop, vegan cafe and Soho House rooftop rolled into one. It’s magical! I hope everyone can find their way to West Hollywood to be filled with love in this four story masterpiece.


Back in January before I realized the largest shipping strike in 20 years would have my containers chilling off the coast of LA for a few months, I reached out to the event coordinator at Wanderlust to inquire about a vendor tent for Wanderlust Chicago on May 30. Now at this point in my coconut world, this email was little more than one big prayer. I didn’t have my physical product and I definitely didn’t realize the coco wouldn’t show up until the DAY before the event. However, I’m a very intuitive woman, and to be honest, I knew I would launch at Wanderlust. A little angel decided to believe in me and I’ll be grateful to her forever. Wanderlust’s mission and values parallel mine perfectly. The love you feel walking out of Wanderlust doesn’t leave you – you feel expanded and inspired. You walk away a different person – in such a wonderful way! They’re aesthetically beautiful, run with love, open to all people and their goal is to share their love of wellness and spirituality in a manner that draws people in from all backgrounds. Their events are super fun and lively, jamming out music from DJ Drez and MC Yogi, with yummy healthy local foods and a bunch of vendor tents such as Spiritual Gangster and Athleta…and Conscious Coconut : )


So on May 30 my mother and I brought 300 pounds of goodies from Tampa to Chicago for my first ever Conscious Coconut event. Although it was a rainy day and ended early, I sold coconut oil for the first time, learned lots of lessons and felt so full of gratitude for the opportunity to be there that I couldn’t imagine a better way to start my journey.
After that rainy Sunday, I woke up with a whole lot of coconut oil and the realization running a coconut oil business meant I’d be a sore woman for the first half of the week. Every week. (I love to do events) Summer means festival season for Wanderlust so the 108’s take a hiatus. Wanderlust 108 are in cities across the country – and they are a mindful triathlon combining a 5k run, outdoor yoga experience and guided mediation. Wanderlust Festivals bring together yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for transformational retreats in the world’s most awe-inspiring natural resorts. So there were three months between Chicago and Brooklyn, New York. Having a vendor spot in New York meant so much to me. My best friends live in the city and it would be the first time they would all see what I had been up to. So I flew up to New York to hang out with 7,500 yogis in Prospect Park. What. A. Day. My heart swells just thinking about what a sea of yogis saluting the sun looked like. I had my amazing boyfriend and best friends standing by my side and it just meant everything to me. It’s been a long road but they came, supported and even got a few flash tats. As I write this, that was 3 weeks ago and not an ounce of that feeling has left me. It’s only fueled me more. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


Before breaking down my tent in New York I had the opportunity to meet their creative director. We talked design, coco, yoga, travel, the Universe and avocados. You know the Universe has your back when you cross paths with someone like this. We view the world similarly and he’s an amazing dude. He had just returned from LA where he had been helping with the opening of Wanderlust Hollywood for the last few months. He encouraged me to reach out to their retail director to see if she would be interested in carrying it in their space. It’s a beautifully curated retail space and after sending her some coconut oil she agreed to carry it! What a total win on all fronts. I feel like I’m growing alongside Wanderlust and I’m so grateful to be a part of it even if its in the smallest of ways. So this weekend I flew out to Hollywood with a coconut oil case in tow to visit the place I would probably spend 99% of my time if I lived in the area. As expected I get a big old hug when I walk in and immediately feel inspired and welcomed. To have my coconut oil on their shelf reminds me that when your ambitions are aligned with your greater purpose anything is possible. Thank you to everyone I have had the opportunity to spend time with at Wanderlust. Each of you has shown me love and I am grateful to call you my friends. I am so excited to be on this journey together.