DIY Beach Waves With Only 3 Ingredients

Everyone knows one of the best parts of a beach visit is the beach hair. There’s just something about the perfectly undone beach waves and mermaid hair that a day at the beach gives you.

You can recreate the look at home with a DIY salt spray! Not only will the salt spray get you those beach waves, but Conscious Coconut Oil has an SPF of 4-6 and helps protect your hair from sun damage. Win, win!

What you’ll need:

- Empty spray bottle

- 1 cup warm water (not too hot)

- 1 tbsp Conscious Coconut Oil (one coconut oil packet should do the trick!) 

- 1 tbsp sea salt

Optional: 4 drops of your favorite essential oil

Optional: 1 tbsp of your favorite leave-in conditioner or hair gel for extra hold


Next Steps:

1.) Combine all of the ingredients then pour into your spray bottle. Shake it up before each use as the oil and water will separate. 

2.) Spray onto damp hair and scrunch. You can also use your spray to add texture at your crown on damp or dry hair. And voila! You'll be rocking beach waves in minutes.

Note: Your DIY salt spray will last 3 months at room temperature. 


Article by: Alejandra Hill