Everything You Need To Know About Coconut Oil And Immune Health

Finding ways to support our immune system has always been a topic worth diving into, but now more than ever, immune health is a part of our well-being that deserves our full attention. With many of us experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety, our bodies are even more vulnerable to viruses and infections.

The good news? You can strengthen your immune system by incorporating practices and routines that’ll set you and your body up for success. Diet, exercise, and rest are key players in helping fight off illness, and supporting immune health gets even easier when coconut oil is added to the mix.

Below, we’re sharing the lowdown on why boosting immunity is so important and how coconut oil can set you on the path toward optimal health.

Why It’s Important To Boost Your Immune System

Let’s start with the basics. While we know it’s important to boost the immune system, you might be feeling a little foggy on the specific reasons why. Our immune system works in tandem with every other system in the body to defend against potential threats, and when it’s weakened, whether through poor eating habits, lack of sleep, or an increase in stress, your health is more likely to be compromised.

Building up our immunity helps our body recognize when it needs to step into defense mode, helping you bounce back faster if you’re feeling under the weather. And to be clear: while this doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick again, you will be better equipped to fight off future illnesses.

Where Coconut Oil Comes In

Now that you know the why behind immune health, let’s get to the how. As we said above, sleep, healthy eating, and a regular fitness routine are all influential factors in the fight against infection, but there are other ways you can bump up your body’s defense systems. Naturally anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, coconut oil has been shown to improve white blood cell counts, creating a hostile environment for viruses.

Let’s take things a step further: Because Conscious Coconut Oil is small batch, cold-pressed coconut oil of the highest quality, it delivers four times more antioxidants than any other coconut oil. Not only are you getting all the immune-boosting benefits of coconut oil, but you’re also fighting viruses head-on with an organic and premium product you know you can rely on for support.

How To Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Your Routine To Boost Immunity

While the options are truly endless for how you can add coconut oil into your day, you can get started with the suggestions below for maximum impact with minimal effort.

Are you already sipping down smoothies for breakfast on a daily basis? Just add a scoop of coconut oil to your favorite recipe (we recommend this one!) and kickstart your day with a healthy dose of bacteria-fighting ingredients. You can even try adding a tablespoon to your morning coffee for a double shot of energy plus increased circulation and improved digestion.

Another way to make coconut oil a part of your everyday immune-boosting routine? In the colder months, we love brewing a mug of this Citrus Honey Ginger elixir that’ll warm you inside and out. A teaspoon of coconut oil paired with a squeeze of lemon and lime relieves sore throats and will clear up your sinuses ASAP.

Boosting immunity is just one of the many ways coconut oil can level up your wellness routine. From travel wipes to sustainably-packaged jars (and more!)—shop our entire coconut oil collection to find your perfect CoCo fit.