From Our Founder: What's In My Hospital Bag?
Our founder Danielle recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Read her list of hospital essentials and tips on how she prepared below:


What's In My Hospital Bag? With an 18 month old, I knew what I was getting into this time around! So, I was *much* more on top of prepping hospital bag for round 2. Our hospital was recently renovated so I knew we had a fridge which was an added bonus! I was also armed and ready for nursing a new babe which can super uncomfortable at first with latching problems, etc. I grabbed most things below expecting them to get stained or to toss after the hospital. Those first few days of breast milk stains are super hard to get out!


For Me:
- Robe - An extra layer of warmth in a frigid hospital room! Especially after a shower and for your hospital walks. This one from Milkmaid Goods is my favorite!


Nursing Bras - these are affordable and super soft. Especially on sore nipples!


- Socks with traction - love me some give-back Bombas. The nurses make you walk around the maternity floor and these are great and won’t let you slip 


- Hair Ties that give-back (and hold everything back as well!) - Teleties


- Eye Mask - La Aquarellethey're organic!


- Maternity T-Shirts from ASOS- shirts are pretty unnecessary since you’re in bed nursing but with a slew of visitors I try to make everyone feel comfortable even with a babe attached to my chest.


Aromatherapy Heating Pad - this one is amazing! All the nurses said our room smelled dreamy


Belly Band - I’ll take all the belly support I can get! A c-section has a pretty brutal recovery


- Coming home outfit - you’ll still look pregnant and everything hurts so I love this slouch-fitting Dwell and Slumber cocoon dress


- Fluffy Towel from home - totally beats the hospital's small, scratchy one!



Toiletry Bag:
- Toothbrush & toothpaste, MABLE's brushes are made of bamboo and they're 100% biodegradable! 


- Face Wipes - It’s really asking a lot to wash my face on day 1 and 2 so wipes do the trick.
- Coconut Oil Wipes - wink wink 😉 Arm pits, under eyes, baby’s tush - you name it, a coconut oil wipe has got you covered.


- Tube of CoCo is a must for nipple balm, face & body for me. And a tablespoon in tea to get my digestive system moving again.


- Shampoo & Conditioner - love Rahua!


- Lip Balm - it’s so dry in the hospital. I love Cocokind’s matcha moisture stick


- Probiotic - your digestive system needs the support! It’s also a great boost in your breast milk for baby’s digestive system


- Cooling Gel Pads - ahhhh relief


- Gel ice packs - in those desperate moments



For Babe:
- Evereden Baby Soap & Shampoo - fragrance free and gentle on the skin


- Milkmaid Goods Swaddle for Hospital Photography - SO cute and is breathable for the babe


- Coming Home Outfit by Spearmint Love


- Blanket for Car Ride - OBSESSED with this blanket by Barefoot Dreams. And it's blue for baby boy!



For Room:
- Ekobo Portable Diffuser from Anthropologie- hospital scents can be no bueno


- Essential Oils from Amazon - I love zen head!


- Pillow - sleep is rare but you may as well enjoy your thirty minutes here and there. 


- Blanket - it’s pretty nice to have your own blanket. But don’t bring a nice one! It will definitely get ruined. 


- Portable Speaker - love some acoustic guitar to mask the beeping sounds of the IV.


- Boppy for Nursing - I didn’t have this for Eva but it was so amazing to have this time around.



For Fridge:
- Epic Bone Broth - you’re on liquids only the first few days so swap out hospital broth for the good stuff! Bone broth is brimming with vitamins and minerals that will help start healing right away. 


- Bottles of Electrolyte Water & Coconut Water - I must have drank 4 bottles a day! My milk came in right away so I was nursing every hour or so which leaves you parched. There wasn’t enough water around me to take down. But hey! My OB let me leave a day early because he thought I was recovering really well and he said it could’ve been from all my liquids. Win!


Go Macro Bars for energy - you need strength to nurse! It’s physically exhausting so I love these bars for a healthy boost.