Hiking with coconut oil: the perfect multi-use tool on the trails

Even if your summer vacation plans are more pine needles than white sand, you can still pack your coconut oil travel size tube. Coconut oil is a multitasker and is perfect for hiking, camping, or backpacking when you need to travel light. 

If trails are in your future, remember that hiking combined with sun exposure can be drying on your skin, especially in the mountains. Hydrate your skin before and after being outdoors by applying Conscious Coconut as an allover moisturizer. Your hands can also take a beating on the trails so make sure to rub a small amount of coconut oil into your cuticles and nail beds to keep them moisturized and prevent painful cracking. And don’t forget about your lips! Use a dab of coconut oil as a lip balm throughout the day to keep chapped lips at bay. Coconut oil naturally has Vitamin E, antioxidants, and an SPF of between 4 and 6 that work together to protect your skin and lips, repair damage, and reduce sun spots.

After a big day of hiking, go a step further (pun intended) and give your feet a little TLC by rubbing coconut oil into them and then sleeping in a pair of socks to seal in the moisture. Slipping into your hiking boots will be a little easier in the morning with refreshed and soft feet. 

Speaking of mornings, fuel up for your hike by adding a dollop of coconut oil into your oatmeal or butter coffee. As an added bonus, ingesting coconut oil boosts your immune system. Traveling can weaken your immune system but the lauric acid found in coconut oil fights off pathogens and viruses, making it the perfect travel companion.

How do you use CoCo on the road? Tag us in your travel photos with #wheresyourco so we can see all the places you CoCo this summer.

Article by: Alejandra Hill