Got The Winter Blues?

Don't let the winter get you down! Conscious Coconut Oil is here to help you hydrate through the winter and into warmer weather.


Check out some of our favorite winter uses below:


D R Y   S K I N ?

Coconut oil helps to exfoliate the outer layer of your body’s dead skin cells, making your skin feel smoother and look more radiant. Apply Conscious Coconut Oil to your dry or cracked skin to get that moisture back in! Your skin can always use that extra dose of fabulous (and a healthy glow).


C H A P P E D   L I P S ?

Ditch your store-bought lip balm and opt for an all natural way to hydrate your pout. Coconut oil contains plenty of moisture and vitamin E that will prevent dryness and make your lips soft, smooth, and kissable. 


D U L L   H A I R ?

The abundant fatty acids in coconut oil not only penetrate your hair follicles, but provide them with some serious shine. Vitamin E nourishes from the inside out, rebuilding proteins & strengthening your hair.