New Year, New You!

January comes with a special invitation to pause and set simple intentions to help you to manifest the awesomeness you deserve into reality.

If you've yet to take that pause, we want to help you set your intentions for 2019 and beyond. By setting mindful intentions, you'll free yourself from toxic routines and unhealthy cravings while clearing your mental clutter.


Here's your fast-track to the best mindset for the new year. 


Detox your daily skincare routine and indulge in a beauty ritual that emphasizes a deeper, more enriched self-care practice. By committing to an organic skincare routine, you’re nourishing every system, every organ and every cell with fresh, healing, nutrient-rich foods. Doesn’t your skin, your largest organ deserve the same respect?


Conscious Coconut Oil is crafted using the traditional cold-pressed method, without the use of heat, pressure, or machinery. As a result, CoCo is never exposed to any harsh or toxic chemicals. 


Time to get back on track! If you’re looking to achieve certain health goals, focusing your attention on how your food makes your body feel is incredibly important. Conscious food consumption can help you make sure you’re eating foods with proper nutrition and staying on track with your longer term health goals.


Consuming a serving of coconut oil regularly will ensure steady blood sugar levels so that you can keep those food cravings in check. It has loads of other health benefits such as boosting circulation, stimulating the lymph nodes, improving digestion, and helping the cells and body in general to remove waste - just to name a few! Your daily dose of CoCo will have you looking and feeling your best.   


Buying ethically-made gifts made by socially responsible brands is not only a great opportunity to support businesses that are making a difference, but to share this value with our friends and loved ones. By purchasing from companies that are more socially and environmentally responsible, you can arguably help make the world a better place for everyone.


Conscious Coconut is a social enterprise fueled by love. We are committed to giving everyone the tools to live their healthiest, happiest lives. We support fair trade practices, we empower individuals to lead the lives they choose, and we're dedicated to raising awareness for childhood hunger in the States through our partnership with Feeding America. 


For EVERY product sold, we donate a meal to a child in need through Feeding America. We've fed over 135,000 hungry kids in 3 years and we couldn't do it without your help!