How to Make The Most of Mercury Retrograde

After an unprecedented year, October brings us yet another twist with a Mercury retrograde unlike any other this year! Surprisingly, it's bringing some positive & powerful transformative energy to glow-up your daily life - phew! Prioritize, realign and make your dreams happen this season by making the most of Mercury retrograde!

What Makes October's Mercury Retrograde Different

For starters, Mercury is going retrograde between two full moons this month. This means it's between two major astrological events - causing some major cosmic energy shifts that could be in your favor! Also unlike previous retrogrades this year, mercury retrograde is occurring in Scorpio, which is one of the most intense signs. Before you think negative, this actually could be a powerful force of good on your life. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and regeneration - both of which are positive. 

Because of these factors, this retrograde will be all about fast transformation and growth. Be mindful of changes or upgrades in your day-to-day life, because sometimes transformations don't always seem big in the moment! You may notice a path to change in your life or career is easier than before, new mindset, and so much more! 

How to Make The Most of Mercury Retrograde

1. Realign + Re-Evaluate: Instead of pushing through your daily life, take the extra time to realign your mind, body and soul with intention. Take this transformative time to look inward, do some yoga, and reflect on your goals.

2. Self-Care Boost: The best part of Retrograde? We can stay home and avoid everything going backwards to spend some extra self-care time we all need right now! Hellooo days of baths, face masks and moisturizing with coconut oil.

3. Focus Your Mindset: Let's be real - we all have some days that feel off sometimes. Treat this like any other time - concentrate on the positive and nurture abundance.

4. Treat it As A Lesson: Like anything in life, learn from it! Whether you discover something going wrongdoer just learn new coping methods - take everything this retrograde brings as a lesson!