How to Re-hydrate Your Skin in The Winter

I don’t know about you, but my skin gets super dry in the winter. It seems like I’ve tried every routine and beauty product on the market to achieve smooth and hydrated skin. Then I heard the rave about coconut oil. Check out this review from one of our customers:

"This is my GO-TO “beauty product.” It’s the ultimate multi-use holistic product out there and it’s great for LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I use it as body lotion, moisturizer, makeup remover and shaving cream (among other things). This means I don’t have to pack ten different products that all have different uses. I highly recommend looking into Conscious Coconut who sells fair-trade, organic and virgin coconut oil. Plus, with every purchase, a child receives a meal through Feeding America.” - Gina Lucia, Verified Customer

Use a little CoCo in your skincare routine for a natural shine and reap the benefits while it works from the inside out to nourish and boost your body. You don’t have to worry about all the chemicals that are in drugstore products because this is your secret weapon, especially in the winter. And it’s 100% organic!

Winter Uses:

  • Whole Body Moisturizer
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Eczema and Rashes
  • Dry and Cracked Feet
  • Eye Cream
  • Chapped Lips

To use our Conscious Coconut Oil as a body moisturizer, all you have to do is run a tablespoon gently between your hands. It melts on contact and from there rub it onto all areas of your body. It’s as easy as that!

Coconut oil doesn’t stop there - you can also use it as a makeup remover, shaving cream, and in your coffee! The opportunities are truly endless. One of our favorite ways to use coconut oil is in our hair as a deep conditioner. It leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated in the winter when your precious locks need it most!

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Article by: Kali Segieda