Immune-Boosting Drink for the Winter Season

During the holidays, it’s really easy to get into a routine that will cause stress and therefore continuously breakdown your body’s immune defense. And now, more than ever, it is important to take every day as an opportunity to boost your body’s immunity to sickness and infection. To keep from getting sick or feeling run down, it is crucial to prioritize the strength of you and your family’s immune systems, especially during the most difficult holiday season any of us have endured. 

One great way to start strengthening your immune system is through coconut oil! 

Conscious Coconut Oil is jam-packed with lauric acid, which is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. It is known to reduce candida, fight bacteria, and create a hostile environment for viruses. Coconut oil also boosts an already weakened immune system by improving white blood cell counts and creating a hostile environment for viruses, which helps the body directly fight viruses. Conscious Coconut Oil is a small batch and cold-pressed organic coconut oil of the highest quality (four times the antioxidants than any other coconut oil) to ensure these powerful properties are retained for the most benefits

Add a dollop of Conscious Coconut Oil to your smoothies, cereal, yogurt or in your morning coffee. Although it's best to ingest raw, unheated coconut oil it is also great for baking, stir-frys or as a dairy free replacement to butter.

Ready to start boosting your immunity for the winter season? We recommend starting by first trying this Citrus Honey Ginger Tea perfect for the ailments that cold weather brings -- sore throats, stuffy noses, etc.! 



  1. Bring water to boil in your tea kettle.
  2. Place lemon juice, lime juice, honey, coconut oil and ginger slices in the bottom of your favorite tea mug.
  3. Carefully pour hot water over the ingredients. Stir until ingredients are dissolved.
  4. Add additional slices of lemon and lime, if desired. Enjoy!