International Day of Yoga

You should be your own best friend. One aspect of the relationship with myself (“self-ship”) would be my yoga practice. It is similar to mirror work yet feels like I am chatting with another person. I have worked hard to hear my inner guide and so that conversation is loud. Its like the best version of myself, family, best friend, teacher and magic carpet all rolled into one. I know my mat will never leave me, because I will never leave myself. It is a great listener, compassionate, forgiving, gracious and humorous. We laugh a lot, can talk about anything, cry and hug it out. It never speaks to me with hurtful words no matter how sassy or negative I am during our mat dates. It is flexible and creative, giving and generous. It inspires me to try new things, travel and stay in flow. When I practice with love, I get it 100 times back. When I fight with fear, I am forgiven, given the lesson to be learned, and sent off with a little homework to work through. My lessons on non-attachment and expectations can be difficult, but it gives me plenty of practice problems. My mat is inquisitive, asks the right questions and is patient with my response time. We found one another 15 years ago and our self ship is the strongest its ever been, and I will forever be grateful.

Happy International Yoga Day!